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Do you want to be interviewed, skilfully written about, feature in a beautiful global magazine and then be publicised on social media all month? will feature you in our monthly magazine, which is published online at and is widely distributed via our email list, magazine subscribers and social media followers on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin & Houzz


Magazine prints are available on request with discounts for bulk orders, and will soon be available at Note that any discounts offered exclusively to our magazine readers do not affect your artists payment. 



Here's what the Nov 2018 issue looked like - read a recent issue here [best on desktop or tablet] and see all issues of the magazine here



The magazine feature is available exclusively to artist members.

(Memership is €1 per week for an instant artists online profile with cart, regular individual publicity in social posts and the 'New Artworks' section of the magazine all included)


 ...because the magazine is interactive, and funnels readers via links in the magazine to the art detail page where they can add the artwork to their cart, enter credit card details to purchase and have delivered to their address.


Artists receive an artists profile like this and unlimited artwork uploads which create pages like this at Artfuly arranges and pays for art delivery and all deliveries are fully insured globally, with free returns. Membership runs annually i.e. €52 for a full year of online gallery representation.

Compare our €4 per month deal with just a shop from shopify or any other e-commerce cart provider, who charge $8 to $229 per month and where you have to configure the website yourself - they are way more expensive and time consuming and that is JUST the shop, not everything we're offering (don't forget about all the hidden costs such as a domain name (www address), SSL certificate, hosting, the percentage they take from each transaction in your cart, plus you then have to arrange the delivery and any potential returns yourself). So if you want to concentrate on creating artworks and not on the headaches of digital marketing, PR and logistics, the Artfuly offer is the best choice, because even Saatchionline and Artfinder don't offer personalised PR, and many don't offer to arrange and pay for delivery either. 



membership details


The Magazine Feature


There are two choices:

  1. One double page magazine spread = €44, (€96 total with yearly membership) 
  2. Four double page magazine spreads = €144 (€196 total with yearly membership)

both also receive a full online magazine article, and the online magazine issue and the online article have interactive links to your artists profile on where readers can buy artworks. When an artwork sells, we arrange and pay for delivery and email you labels to attach to the parcel after you've selected a courier pick up date convenient to your schedule. 

Artfuly Mag Issue 6_img7   Artfuly Mag Issue 6_img9   Artfuly Mag Issue 6_img8

All new artwork uploads to Artfuly always have a chance of being chosen for the 'New Artworks' section in the last pages of the magazine EVERY month, so keep uploading new artworks as you have a large chance to be in every issue if you keep uploading new art!


Screenshot 2019-03-08 at 08.38.33 

'Brights Collection' new artworks featured in the last section of the March 2019 Magazine 


This gives you an instant publicity boost with an artists shop for 1 year, unlimited art uploads, global cart, social media sharing from all your uploaded art, all delivery arranged and paid for, and our boutique PR package with a magazine feature with a full month of social media posts from just €96


Artist testimonial Artist testimonial



Apply 4 weeks before the publication date which is on the 1st of each month


e.g. if you want to be in the April magazine, please apply before 1st March.
We need the whole of March to interview you, write your article and layout the magazine for publication on the 1st April... and then we spend the whole of April publicising you on our our social media channels to drive traffic (eyes) to your article in the magazine, and your artists profile on and your buyable artwork!



1. Email us at and reserve your place in the magazine.

2. Apply to join Artfuly as an artist (quality standards apply), be accepted, pay membership, create your artists profile and upload your artworks 1 month before your magazine feature - confirm with us that you're ready.

3. We'll send you an interactive interview, you answer the questions, we create your article, we send you the draft and request high resolution images of the artworks we've selected to show, then we publish, distribute and send you a GIF, Video and Mobile story assets so that you can also brag about your magazine feature on your own social media if you choose to and most of our artists do!


The magazine package includes:


1. A magazine feature in our interactive flipbook

An interview, skilfully written article, feature in a beautiful interactive flipbook magazine with 2 or more other artists, and then you are publicised on social media all month, with hyperlinks embedded from the magazine to your artist profile and your art, to drive traffic (eyes) to your art.

Screenshot 2019-03-12 at 17.22.59

2. A separate online article on

Which is only about you, shown at, which will look like this


3. Links to share

Such as:
Magazine link:
Collection link:
Your artworks will be added to at least one collection e.g. inside the artwork description on, we'll add:
"This artwork appears in the following collections & categories:
#brightscollection #march2019mag"


4. An animated gif and a video to share

Just like the animated magazine at the top of this page (2nd image from top)


5. Publicity

Social media posts all month, including 3 x Facebook products created for you, and those products will feature as shop-able instagram posts. This is what your product will look like on Instagram. The user can click and go directly through to enter their credit card details on mobile to buy.  (View on mobile and look at the 'shopping bag icons & click those to see these kind of posts)

6. Special content for mobile

Individual artist story for mobile devices that features only you and we send that out on all our social channels, and you can too.

e.g. . (View this link on your phone so you can see exactly how it looks for a person using mobile - these are great for the huge amount of people who browse social media posts from their mobile, and if the person is coming from desktop, they'll just see what you see at no.1 above instead)


7. Embed codes

So you can embed the flip book in your own website like I've done here


8. Suggested post text

Will be sent to you to make posting quick and easy


9. Magazine prints of you as featured artist - option to order

21 x 21 cm, Full Colour, quantity discounts available. Softcover €30 each ordered for you and delivered to your address. Check out a video of a magazine print at the top of our facebook page (and don't forget to follow us)


So if you haven't already, please fill in the application and email to reserve your place and be featured in the Artfuly Magazine!


Here's some magazine statistics from Friday 8th March 2019 which show our global reach

(Click & zoom to read small text)

  mag stats fri 8 march 19  



We're global! we deliver art globally for you with no extra costs, and accept artists from most countries, subject to our high quality standards. If you have any other questions, email us anytime on

** Note that to protect artists from anyone impersonating them, and selling poor quality copies of their work, we ID check and verify the identity of every artist. It is also our policy to protect our art buyers from art fraud, and so artwork purchases arrive with a certificate of authenticity from the artist, which of course would have no value if we had not verified the identity of the artist! Artist ID's are kept secure in a private company server (not in 'the cloud'). High resolution copies of artworks published in the magazine are kept secure in a similar manner.