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Artists: Add shop links to your INSTAGRAM posts

13 November, 2018

Buyers will be able to purchase artwork directly from your Instagram posts, we then organise & pay for delivery, and you the artist choose a day, time and address for pickup. Payment is 7 days after signed delivery to the buyer!


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Lets call our buyer ‘Susan’ – she browses through instagram and sees an artwork with a shopping bag icon in the image and the caption says “Click the shopping bag icon for more or to buy”



Susan clicks the shopping bag icon, and the artwork title and price pops up over the image (in the white box)…


on clicking that, the detail pane slides across, which displays the artwork image, details, price and button to view on website (where Susan will be able to buy)

On clicking the blue button, Susan is taken through to the website where the artwork can be bought directly on mobile


As she scrolls down she sees full details and can favourite the artwork, make an enquiry or live chat with us. Soon she will also be able to favourite the artist, meaning that she will receive emails of all new artworks you create in future.




1. Be a member of Artfuly and upload your artworks.


2. Create the artwork as a Facebook product in your own FB account which includes the artwork link (e.g. only this will be your artwork of course) and image.


3. Creating the instagram post, link your FB product and hence create a post which has a direct link to buy within the instagram image. The direct link to buy is shown as a shopping bag icon. [You can see our shop posts on our Instagram here, the shopping posts only show up on mobile]

TAGGING – Please tag your posts #artfuly so that we can also promote your shop posts.


To find out more about selling art on, read  -


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