How to be a successful artist


19 September, 2018

For the sake of simplicity, we’re going to say here that the best way to measure success as an artist, is art sales*


…and healthy art sales will keep you doing what you love – creating art!


*(There are other ways you may choose to measure your success, and that’s personal to you e.g. Recognition)


To be a full time artist with a 6-figure gross income, you only need 50 people to buy 1 x €2000 artwork per year, or 25 to buy a $4000 artwork


We’re not saying it’s easy to makes sales, although you should get the right partner in your art business – someone to look after the marketing, PR, social media and delivery nightmares associated with being a successful artist. To see this in context, lets talk about where the art market is right now…



The traditional (offline) ways of achieving sales, such as becoming represented by a gallery, attending art fairs, or paying for print magazine adverts are difficult and expensive with limited results due to being based in only one location. Even having your own website is expensive, hard and time-consuming to build and maintain*, with limited results due to the additional cost of driving traffic to it – basically your site will not be found easily.

[*The cheapest on that list is $8/month i.e. double what we charge for far less service, the most expensive is $299/month (6900% more), and they are not art specialists and you still have to build the website and do all your own marketing and delivery]



The obvious, quickest and cheapest way to gain more exposure for your art is to go online with an art platform or ‘Online art gallery’ because these sites have thousands more visitors (otherwise known in internet land as ‘traffic’) than you could ever hope to gain to your own artist website. 


The only issue here is that you will get lost amongst the other hundreds of thousands of other artists – sites like saatchionline and artfinder mostly just buy a LOT of online advertising, direct it to their website and then ANY artists work could sell – Artists often complain of poor results on these platforms, but the platform does well because they always make a BIG commission (35-50%) on some art sales, often leaving the artist to PAY for, and ARRANGE delivery themselves!

So that’s why it’s important to choose the right platform, one that markets YOU, and has a site that is search engine optimised to bring you traffic based on your art style, but more importantly, will actually draw attention to your talents and artworks.

There is a better way, a mix of old and new approaches…a boutique publicity package for emerging & mid-career artists – where you receive ‘personalised publicity':

1€  per week for 1 year on our e-commerce site with delivery costs & admin all covered (€52 charged up front)


plus an optional €44 for a 3 x double page spread in our monthly MAGAZINE with publicity on our social media all month after publication date on the 1st of the month



The rest of this article shows you how you can best use all the online and offline methods available to you, to gain higher sales of your art. We explain ‘Best Practice Art Marketing for Artists’ and what art platforms should be doing for you and how to best use them.


Your art platform should support you in ‘Best Practise Art Content Marketing’ which allows you to really connect with your audience and  includes articles (blogging), videos, featuring in magazines for both online and offline reading: With the help of on-page SEO keywords, keyword targeted articles and emotional connection with art lovers, your platform can assist you to gain followers, contact them regularly and make sales. Artfuly has created a platform to support you in achieving this and these are our recommendations:


1. Have great art, photographed well and cropped to the edges for upload

2. Join a popular art site, upload your art and keep it up to date i.e mark sold items as sold. Regularly upload fresh art at intervals.

3. Include many keywords in your art descriptions – E.g Garry Purchase  who’s style is ‘Aboriginal Art’ should use the term ‘Indigenous Australian Art’ for one article as this is likely to bring traffic to his profile – we can advise you on the right keywords to use on request once you are an Artfuly artist.

4. After upload, share your art out from on all your social media from the listing i.e. Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, FB and Linked in (for the Interior Design market)

5. Create an instagram profile such as ‘InGarrysArtStudio’ and regularly take photos of artworks in progress.  We can push those photos into your artists page to help art lovers connect with your art and encourage them to ‘follow’ you, which means they will receive emails each time you upload a new artwork or article.

5. Create at least 1 x 30-60 second video of you in your studio creating an artwork which shows your proces. You can then embed that into your artists profile page to assist art lovers to understand you and connect with your art

6. Create articles about your art. e.g. Aboriginal artist Garry Purchase would do well to have an article called ‘Indigenous Australian Art’ because this is a popular search term


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How to be a successful artist


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