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5 June, 2018

for serious emerging & established artists


As an artist, it’s important to be able to compare online art sales platforms to find the best one for your situation. However, I found there was no good list or table comparing artists options, so I did a lot of research and created this table to easily compare the features and costs for artists who want to sell their own original artworks online.


There is a general consensus amongst seasoned artists and art sales experts, that the best way to maximise art sales is to emotionally connect with the art buyer, and so I was particularly looking for sites which support the art collectors browsing experience – things like easy to use, good-looking interfaces and user journeys, where it’s possible to filter artworks, follow an artist and get to know the artist and their process.


Successful artists are putting a lot of work into social media and other networking to build their brand.  When choosing an art platform, artists will want to look at how good the site tools are to support that ‘best practice’ art sales approach. (I’ll write another article soon about that, so subscribe to the artists newsletter here if you want to see that article when it’s ready)


I’ve not included any sites who don’t focus on selling original art globally, or any small companies except for Amazon and Etsy who aren’t focussed on art, but since they are mentioned a lot by artists, I’ve added them to the mix (shown in grey).


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Art site comparison

Art site comparison


You can also have an INSTAGRAM SHOP with direct links from your images to buyable products:
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Photo credit: Norbert Levajsics on Unsplash

Updated on 16th october 2018 since Vango went out of business and Saatchi updated delivery terms.

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