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Apartment Therapy for the New Year: five design tips for 2014

29 December, 2013

Resolutions can be hard to keep and it can be difficult to remain motivated after starting a transition. However, having aspirations to revamp your living space in 2014 doesn’t necessarily mean having to engage in a long and complicated process.

Changing up your living space is a great way to reinvent yourself for the New Year and art can be a simple (and beautiful) way to spice up and change the look of your home.

Here are 5 easy tips for using original, affordable art to reinvent your living space:

1. Try Something Out There

Consider purchasing a really unique artwork that makes a statement. This will set your place apart from other homes.

Our recommendation: Sarah Wherry’s ‘The Watcher’ ($732)


 2. Add a Splash of Colour 

Colour can change the mood of a room.  Certain styles such as pop-art are especially great for this purpose as they are bright and utilise block colours.

We recommend Drew Harrisons ‘Super-Funkee- Junkee- Monkee


3. Create a Gallery Wall

Gallery wall hangings have become a trendy way  to showcase a number of works that you like. This doesn’t always need to be expensive option, check out our original artworks for sale under $150 dollars.

 4. Create a Feature Artwork

A feature artwork can take the monotony out of white walls and make an apartment look super stylish. Something large and bold works best. We recommend Helene Hardy’s ‘Tight Rope’ ($1197)

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5. Match Colours in Artworks with Cushions and Other Accessories

This brings the room together under a common colour theme.

Use the search accessories on Artfuly to customise your search to artworks that contain specific colours.


Happy Holidays everybody and here’s to an amazing 2014!


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