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Italian artist sees Tuscany in his own very unique way

4 December, 2019

December FEATURED Artist: Mauro Benedetti
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Artist Mauro Benedetti lives in Grosseto, Tuscany, which is a town dating from the middle ages with terracotta sunbaked homes piled on top of each other so that they resemble cliff walls. He speaks only Italian and so we have translated our interview from Italian to English as accurately as possible.


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Mauro paints acrylics on canvas and wood and sometimes on found objects. His style is a mixture of illustration and brilliant geometric pattens, sometimes depicting life around him in Tuscany such as old buildings, animals and people. He has his own special and original way of viewing the world, seemingly as if his brain isn’t applying the same filter that many of us have.

One of Mauro’s earliest memories of art is watching a documentary about painter Antonio Ligabue (1899 – 1965). Mauro included his impressions of Ligabue in several paintings which he says are now with several ‘rare and intelligent’ collectors.

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Mauro is politically minded and feels a responsibility to confront societal issues, particularly the poor state of financial policy. He believes that the human being is condemned by the powerful and he is anti-institutionalist in the extreme.

He describes his inspiration as intellectual “I read many books (such as those by Edgar Allan Poe and philosopher Gilles Deleuze who’s work has influenced a variety of disciplines across philosophy and art, including literary theory, post-structuralism and postmodernism) and I form an idea which slowly develops.


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If the painting continues, it is because I feel it is right. The shapes and colours I have in my mind as I create are very precise, and must be accurately transferred onto the artwork. Spontaneity and unpredictability are the basis of my work, there is nothing pre-constituted. The process is very instinctive and natural, so the work is authentic and unusual.”

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One of his defining moments as an artist was at an exhibition of his artworks in the Piazza di Spagna in Rome. Various famous people attended and he was the centre of attention, being snapped by photographers. However he states that “The real success of an artist is given by the absence of the artist himself”.


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During the course of Mauro’s 35 year artistic career, he has created paintings that are now in private collections around the world – in New York, France and England to name a few.

Lovers of Tuscany, Italy and luminous geometrics will enjoy an original fine artwork by Mr Benedetti, which are fantastic value, and range in price from €210 to €1250 delivered globally.


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This article appeared in the Dec2019 issue of Artfuly Magazine – read in fullscreen flipbook  (Best on tablet / desktop)




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