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Amazing Swedish Artist Discovered!

3 December, 2019

December FEATURED Artist: Magdalena Borkowska
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Magdalena Borkowska is a Swedish abstract artist living in Hägersten, just south west of Stockholm. Her best-selling series called ‘The Beginning’ has a bright, illustrative style sometimes reminiscent of cubism. “Sandy Treasure’ (seen on the cover), ‘Extraordinary World of the Mind’ and ‘Conquered Mind’ are beautiful examples of this series.


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Magdalena usually paints vibrant works in oil on canvas arising from a partly unconscious process of creation, however she loves to challenge herself and often experiments with new techniques and styles, which we believe is why she’s such a well-rounded and collectible artist.

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Another series of note called ‘Garden of Love’ are amazingly colour-balanced abstracts, reminiscent of florals with delicate gradients. They are inspired by the magic of love, such as ‘I want you’ (Left) which was created with the acrylic pouring technique.


For ‘Endless Ways’ (Below) she has stripped back the colour palette to mainly greys and lime yellows, and used a layer of acrylics, followed by layers of oil in fine detail.

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Magdalena says “I find my inspiration in the secret, the mysterious and the invisible which is hiding in those endless corners behind the facade of personality. I dive into the deepest abyss, the hellish, the twisted, the forgotten, the painful, the unknown, the beautiful, the celestial, the good, the pure, and the enchanting.”

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With regard to her process, she continues “Some of my paintings require very accurate, time consuming and detailed work and some of them are painted using the action painting technique.” (which Pollock famously used). She feels that her artworks open the gate between the outer world and the soul.

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She agrees that art is not for everybody. It requires a certain sensitivity to be able to feel connection with an artwork, and the ultimate feedback she can receive is when the collector falls in love with the artwork and feels touched by it.


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This article appeared in the Dec2019 issue of Artfuly Magazine – read in fullscreen flipbook  (Best on tablet / desktop)




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