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June FEATURED Artist: Fraser Lawson

2 June, 2019

This article appears in the June issue of Artfuly Magazine – available to read in fullscreen flipbook version






Fraser Lawson’s images transport the viewer into another dimension – the fascinating macro world, which is why the series is called ‘A window elsewhere’ and they are a perfect choice for the corporate space.

His medium is fine art photography with a narrow depth of field and an applied symmetry that is based on the ink blot test concept via additional digital processing.



The results are images which encourage a meditation on the natural world around us. Distractural #2 is a Pink Lilly taken at an eco lodge in Nicaragua.



Fraser comes from a creative family. His father was a film director and his mother a writer and producer, so he was shaped by the processes of film production, writing, planning, filming, editing and being on set. His earliest memories are of creative people making something new and feeling the buzz of creation.



Distractural #3 shows leaves from the floor in a beautiful forest at the same Eco Lodge, and  #15 is of various flowers seen floating on Lake Nicaragua.

After many years working in advertising, Fraser realised, after the death of his father, that he needed to do something that mattered, that was humane. He summoned the courage to step away from a 30 year career creating adverts, to reinvent himself as an artist, amongst other things.



‘When we moved to our house, the Garden was a massive bramble bush. So we cleared it and started  planting from nothing. With lots of advice from my Mum on what would work best where, we started to plant our favourite plants.

Distractural #6 is the Helibore which self seeds in the garden, #7 is Helleborus Molly’s White, and and #1 is an Acer Palmatum’.



He uses a Nikon D600 camera, fast lenses and a Mac to create the ‘ink blot’ effect’ and a professional printer who can produce various sized prints and finishes

He continues ‘Distractural #5 is a Pink Lilly from the Eco lodge, #10  an Aegean wallflower in the garden, Distractural #8 is another Hellebore, #4 is an Amaryllis, an example of some of the gorgeous flowery surprises which my wife brings back from the flower market in Columbia Road.

Fraser’s current Distractural’s are from the series ‘A Window Elsewhere’ and are available in sizes up to 81 x 54 cm in colour. The black and whites (not shown) are available at 60cm x 100cm. Distractural #12 is of autumn leaves on Hampstead Heath.



He is working on a home brand scenario which can be designed for the organisation, for example if the client has a specific flower or plant they’d like to have art made from, Fraser will photograph it and build a series of bespoke fine art photography.



Prices are shown on the artists profile at


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