How SHIPPING works at Artfuly (for artists)

2 May, 2019

Concentrate on creating art, while we take care of your publicity and shipping…


When you upload an artwork on Artfuly, you’ll see this form


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You can enter either the artists price, or the retail price, and whichever you choose, the other price will be worked out for you. The retail price entry is for those artists who want to keep prices the same in all their outlets.


Important note on artwork pricing


If an artwork is small, and/or is being shipped within the same country, we ship ‘Ready to hang’ whenever possible.


Otherwise, artworks are shipped in rolled tubes, because rolled tubes limit damage in transit to almost zero, whereas shipping internationally and ready to hang for anything over about 50 x 50cm is fraught with danger of damage and has high insurance costs – which is approximately one third of the cost of the piece. We don’t want to put off art sales with high shipping prices, so we believe this is the best way.


Therefore charging $300+ shipping with insurance on a $1000 artwork is a huge amount, and it’s safer and more cost effective to offer stretcher frame and framing services in the local area of the buyer as optional add-ons – which the Artfuly concierge does. We offer free 7-day returns to buyers, to make sure that they are not scared to order just in case it’s not what they expected on delivery (an important part of online sales psychology)


So we recommend that for artwork which can ship in rolled tubes, you select ‘Unframed’ and include in your ‘Artists price’ your time, materials and packaging expenses, but not the shipping cost, since we cover that. For help with working out your costs, see this article.


*If your artwork is not suitable for rolled tube delivery, please contact to discuss before upload, since you would then need to include the cost of any frame and global ready to hang shipping in your artists price. An example of such an artwork is Eva Johnova’s 3D collage feather artwork.


However you decide an artwork is shipped, you should include full details of it in your description. Our standard text for this is below, and you can edit this for each artwork you upload…

This artist has been ID-checked by Artfuly and this artwork arrives with a certificate of authenticity signed and dated by the artist

This artwork can arrive ‘ready to hang’ and / or framed^.

The Artfuly concierge delivers direct from the artists studio to your door globally with full insurance, free delivery & returns and 7-days return guarantee*. Domestic deliveries & small artworks are often delivered ‘ready to hang’ and international deliveries/large artworks include delivery in a rolled tube^.

^International shipping of artwork which is ‘ready to hang’ can be costly due to additional insurance requirements, and so we include delivery in a rolled tube, and can provide a ‘ready to hang’ quote on request, or alternatively, framing services in your local area which is often safer and less expensive. Click ‘Enquire’ and our concierge will provide full details based on your location.

*Free returns exclude printed to order fine-art photography which is final sale.



A pricing example

of a 100cm x 100cm artwork


Artists price – 750 AUD

(Include your materials, time to create & package etc, plus packaging materials costs, NOT shipping cost)


25% commission is added to cover business costs = $1000 AUD

This includes covering the cost of:

  1. Publicity: such as online advertising costs, magazine production & distribution & daily social media posting

  2. Logistics: shipping administration and potential returns

  3. Other business costs: Wages, maintenance and improvement of the website, and such as doing the accounts, paying tax, ID checking artists etc.

If we did not provide our services, artists would need to pay for marketing, publicity and website build & maintenance, and administering their own logistics, and that cost has to be calculated into the cost of the artwork in any case.


Price is converted to Euros for the front end of the site i.e. todays conversion is $1000AUD = € 627 for the artwork with €50 added for large global rolled tube delivery = €677 *

[*Note that we plan to change to upload in Euros only to simplify the above]


When an artwork is sold the following happens:


1. An automatic email goes out from to the artist to advise of the sale


2. Artfuly contacts the artist to ask when the artwork can be ready for pickup and at what address, attaching the certificate of authenticity template, and then contacts the buyer to introduce their personal art concierge and advise progress, plus offer additional services such as ‘Ready to hang’ or local stretcher frame and framing services.


3. Artfuly organises the courier and sends the labels to the artist to attach to the package, and artist must include a signed certificate of authenticity inside the package


4. On the date, the courier picks up the artwork, and Artfuly sends the tracking code to the buyer with approximate delivery date.


5. Artwork is delivered, buyer has already been asked to advise Artfuly immediately if any damage is evident (of so that process kicks off to claim from insurance)


6. After 7 days, the buyers return period is over, and Artfuly transfers payment to the artist via paypal, or directly in Euros if they are in a SEPA region.


7. Artfuly asks the buyer for in-situ images of the artwork for use in social media posts etc.



Hopefully the above has answered all your questions, but if not, please email and we will answer your question and add the missing info above.



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