May FEATURED Artist: A.J. Brown

2 May, 2019

This article appears in the May issue of Artfuly Magazine – available to read in fullscreen flipbook version






AJ Brown has invented his own unique style and process, inspired by old postcards, Dudovich, Cappiello, Kandinsky, Picasso, Van Gogh and Lissitzky and the 300 year old method of ‘Verre Églomisé’ (reverse painting on glass).

These fantastic, original 3D artworks, are created using clear acrylic sheets with up to 9 separate layers which are up to 2.5 inches (6.35 cm) thick. 



This artwork, ‘Simple Lode’ has just won the ‘Best Contemporary or Modern Work Award’ at the Drysdale 43rd Easter Art Show in VIC, Australia (April 2019).



AJ’s series’ comprise the abstracts shown this page and on the next pages, a Flora and Fauna based series depicting fragile blossoms in a 2.5 metre wide 3D layered artwork, and also  his dance series depicting various dance styles including ballet, flamenco, rock, ballroom and tango – which are available both with and without the dance studio backgrounds, and finally his series inspired by old-world posters.

The process involves painting in reverse on the rear of the clear acrylic sheet, with standard oils, acrylics, and water colours, mostly without the ability to see the result until it is fully completed due the masking of the front face to protect it from scratches – any mistake and the piece must be scrapped and begun again.

There is a long tradition of accomplished artist’s in history and today that follow ‘Verre Églomisé’ in the pure form or as a 3D style diorama in glass and clear acrylic. AJ uses his imagination to present new styles, methods and materials creating a modern visual.



His background comes from manufacturing design of machinery, production lines and products. His earliest artworks were safe children’s night lights for family and friends and the design of this new method for use with the R.S.L. emblem logo.

This moved into design of children’s mobiles in the form of hot air balloons, butterfly’s, flowers and other insects. He says that he felt like an artist after completion of a commissioned Marcel Dudovich poster style as part of a island bench splash back and under-bench artwork.



Due to their materials, the artworks are able to be mounted outdoors as well as indoors – a pretty unique feature for anyone looking to create stylish outdoor areas.



We understand that AJ is more than happy to take on commissions such as this beautiful one titled ‘Kandinsky Transverse Lines’ that went to a lucky Chicago collector.



Prices are shown on the artists profile at


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