May FEATURED Artist: David Thornton

2 May, 2019

This article appears in the May issue of Artfuly Magazine – available to read in fullscreen flipbook version






The concept of Artfuly arose from a realisation that there are huge numbers of artists hand-creating wonderful original artworks that could be on walls instead of the mass-produced prints such as you can find in Ikea.

This artist is a prime example of such an artist – his hand-drawn illustrations (not prints) go for just €132 delivered globally, and we’re surprised he’s willing to part with them for such an affordable price.

David is a west Yorkshire born artist with a unique style which s a fusion of illustration, portraiture and tattoo patterns. His experimentation has lead him to decide that his best works so far are his celebrity portraits series.



He is inspired by people, patterns and tattoos. ‘I see people with tattoos looking great and I always play around with those kind of patterns and that’s how my art started. Sometimes if I get a request from a friend or family member asking me to do a personal piece for them I add a name or message and hide it in their within the detail and make it work’



Davids’ process involves reference to an image of the character or face of someone, he then draws it in a pop art style with shadows and fills out all the dark areas using patterns in black pen. He then fills the other areas using black colouring pencil.



His materials include Daler Rowney smooth cartridge paper in different sizes,250mm x 250mm smooth heavyweight paper, unipin fine-liner drawing pens, 8h light pencil to do the layout and any type of black colouring pencils.

What excites him most about the creative process seeing the piece start to take shape and look exactly as he expected it to, and when finished, knowing it worked perfectly.

Right now he is working on multiple unfinished pieces including a self portrait and Keanu reeves portraying John Wick.

He describes one of his defining moments as an artist as presenting a drawing to his mother as a gift, which she loved. Drawing since the age of 6, David says his first art box was a great moment. He remembers thinking ‘Hey I’m going to make my family proud and show them I’m going to be an artist and now I’m still going strong.’

We’re pretty sure that anyone would absolutely love a personal portrait in Davids’ unique style as a gift, complete with a secret message. If you’d like to book a commission with David, drop us a line at info@artfuly.com.



Prices are shown on the artists profile at artfuly.com/artists/davidthornton


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