May FEATURED Artist: Steve Swindells

2 May, 2019

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Steve Swindells is a big character who has lived a big life – he describes himself as a creative polymath – a singer-songwriter, musician, producer, author, journalist, painter, photographer, and wannabe interior designer.

Steve grew-up in the Bath/Bristol area of South West England, and dropped out of art college to play keyboards with the rock band Squidd. He later moved to London when he was 21 (in 1973) and signed his first major record deal that year, with RCA Records and another deal later in the 70’s with ATCO/WEA.

His classic album Fresh Blood reached #3 in the US airplay charts in 1980 and he also did a lot of club promotion, and organised parties for Madonna, Prince, and The Face and Time Out Magazines.

He was the lead singer, keyboardist and writer with the band DanMingo, featuring members of Hawkwind, Culture Club and Massive Attack. More recently, on 22nd April 2019, Steve was number 10 on the ReverbNation Other charts for London, UK, with his Bam Boo ambient chill music. You can find five of his albums on Spotify.

On to his visual art though, Steve describes his earliest memories of art as Matisse. Picasso and Leonardo, He says ‘Banksy is a towering genius (we agree) and the art world being about bullshit mostly, and money’, but he hopes that one day talent will win out.


Steve creates artworks encompassing photography, iPhone ‘Phinger Painting’ and digital mashups, often on the top deck deck of a London bus.  His process is spontaneous, and he says that his ‘fingers splatter virtual paint like a digital version of Jackson Pollock or Jean-Michel Basquiat’.

He uses various Apps, and if the process starts with a photograph, then he uses the CP Pro App, before processing it in Instagram. If the process starts with an iPhone ‘Phinger Painting’, he will use one of two Meritum Paint Apps. If he’s combining a photo with a finger painting then he uses the Fused App, but he might also have used the Layout App and the Split Pic App in the process. He the processes the result in Instagram and, finally, up-pixellates it using the iResize App on his Apple Mac Pro desktop.

He states ‘My digital art has really developed at a rapid pace over the last three years. I’ve learned to express myself on a higher level with soul, passion and a greater sense of depth, colour and artistry’. He’s had nearly 180,000 views of his art, with 29K likes on 500PX.com


Steve has published 3 books: a privately published a 105-page book of his art called ‘Synergy’, plus ‘Sex N’ Drugs N’ Sausage Rolls’ – a multimedia collection of short stories, true tales, artworks, photos and original music, and a book written under a pseudonym ‘Thom Topham called ‘My Unplanned Obsolescence’.

In future, he is looking to have an exhibition in a street gallery



Prices are shown on the artists profile at https://artfuly.com/artists/steveswindells


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