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Artists: Add a Represented by Artfuly BADGE to your site

30 April, 2019

Add this image to your site and add your Artfuly artists bio link to it (Currently set to Jacobs Bio, your bio would be set instead)


Click any button below to see how it works…

To install:


1. Right click the image above that you prefer, and ‘save image as’ to your desktop


2. Login to your website admin area (such as wordpress), find the page you want to put it on, upload the image


3. Go to, enter your own name in the top search bar and enter, then on any of your artworks that comes up in the results, click your name. and you will see your artists profile web address at the top of the browser


4. Copy that link and and apply the link to the button


If you need help, a different size, layout or colour, please request by emailing

Note that you can also add ‘SHOP’ as a main navigation item, and add the same link to quickly add a shop to your site, utilising Artfuly’s cart and delivery services instead of paying for a payment gateway like Shopify separately – find out how to do that here – and if you don’t have an artists website, but want to get one, we cover that also





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