April FEATURED Artist: Igor Bleischwitz

1 April, 2019

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Mirroring the torn posters seen all around Berlin, Igor’s work impresses a futuristic feeling, yet is inspired by things of the past such as history, ancient cultures, myths and old faiths, as well as nature and science.

The layers often expose a realist object behind the more abstract top layer. Igor sees himself as translating the nature of human life into his work (more will be revealed in time)


These are mysterious artworks which take the energy of a curious mind to understand – there is a message here, but the artist is not giving much away.

Perhaps some clue is derived from the series names: Utro (last page), Gravity (left – based on the pole shift theory) and Pars pro toto (opposite) both from the series Schein und Sein, which translates from the German into ‘Appearance and Being’.


Pars pro toto by the way means ‘a part or aspect of something taken as representative of the whole’

“Pars pro Toto” has been used both as the name of an artwork and as a series in which “NUDE II” And “Lily Tattoo”(next page) both show the transformation of a human body into a landscape.

Because the artist paints his portraits from real life, ‘Lily’ reveals  a fragment of the models lily tattoo.

“ELENA” also part of the “Pars pro Toto” series is a portrait of a young woman, a “colour scale” of the person.



Igor’s unique approach has defined his style, he says “I always paint in a realistic manner. but at the same time I want to go deeper. The second step is to rework the finished piece. That means I paint over that picture again and again, so that at the end we see some fragment from the realism which was present in the beginning. These fragments are never planned, but are created intuitively”



The artists explains “The fragments in my pictures are full of information. But this information is not visible as a whole. The models I paint, I never met before. I just asked them by accident to sit for a portrait. That situation is actually a fragment itself. The fragments are also a kind of meditation on and in the colour surfaces which are always painted horizontally. A horizontal line or stripe symbolises landscape, a line between earth and sky, motion, flow. Like the flow of time and all the fragments of the past in it”.


“The abstract top layer colours come from the subject underneath, for example I might paint a portrait and see wonderful red on the lips, blue in the eyes and maybe green because the model loves green shoelaces”

Igor remembers one of his best reviews was of his first solo exhibition: the writer totally understood the whole concept without any interview with him, a wonderful moment.


The artist graduated from the Hochschule für Kunst, Design und Populäre Musik in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany in 2011, and has had many solo and group shows. His works are in several private collections  in countries such as Germany, Great Britain, the USA and Switzerland.

The artworks are deceptively large and so are an attractive option both from a visual and a cerebral standpoint.



Prices are shown on the artists profile at artfuly.com/artists/igorbleischwitz


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