April FEATURED Artist: Inge Thoegersen

1 April, 2019

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Joy and positivity are the central message of Inge’s colourful abstracts – a Danish artist who also works as a family therapist, believing that positivity has an inherently self-reinforcing power.

Together with 8 other painters, she has a workshop in the artist community in Aarhus, the second largest town in Denmark and has been painting for many years, spending countless hours teaching courses. She is also a member of several inspirational and learning groups.


She states that in life it’s important to choose the right attitude, and so rather than portray explicit political statements, she chooses to ‘Make a dance’ on the canvas.

Whist she has always been creative in some way, Inge started painting aged 50 and is inspired by the people around her.

She notices that ‘life for most of us is sometimes odd and not perfect, but still beautiful and full of joy and hope’. She has met amazing people who have overcome life’s great challenges, and who have kept up the courage to make changes.

‘Even when life is at its’ most difficult, people have the power and courage necessary to overcome their problems. It is very fascinating to witness’

From her work as a therapist with children and families, she believes in the healing power of art and art therapy because both art and therapy complement each other perfectly. Conversely, art also gives her a lot of inspiration and joy to meet people and be their initiator.


She has 2 main styles, her abstracts and dance pictures which she sees as a fun supplement.

With regard to her inspiration and process, she takes many photos that directly or most often indirectly inspire her with a mood or an idea for an image.

She also receives impressions that fill her head and body and she brings these alive with large arm movements transferred onto the canvas expressing a dream or a change. She paints expressively and uses many different tools: brushes, worn bill cards, sticks, cardboard pieces, and very often the fingers.


In addition to the human condition, nature and music are a constant source of inspiration. The results are huge pictures with lots of layers and colours.

She has received fantastic reviews at art exhibitions and from her gallery collaborations, however she is most moved by her customer reviews, many of whom have written beautiful words about her pieces, and who return again and again.

Inge has exhibited in Denmark, Germany, Kosovo, Italy, USA and Portugal and as you can see here, these artworks are a beautiful splash of joy and colour bringing their inherent positivity into any room.



Prices are shown on the artists profile at artfuly.com/artists/ingethoegersen


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