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1 April, 2019

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It’s a lofty ambition, and arguably a worthy one, to want to change the world, and this is what Ana Vega aims to achieve with her art, writing, music and her venture called 12pm:Peace founded on the Maharishi Effect, all of which are interlinked.


The Maharishi effect was first discovered in the 1970’s by the yogi Maharishi Mahesh, when he observed that large groups of people meditating in the same location at the same time were able to affect the behaviour of others around them.


In Washington DC In 1993, John Hagelin set out to verify the incredible claim scientifically, when a group of around 4,000 people from 82 countries gathered in the capital and practiced transcendental meditation for six hours a day from June 7 to July 30.


Using data obtained from the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department for 1993 and the preceding five years, Hagelins’ team claimed to have reduced crime rates by 23%.


Based on this, Ana wants to encourage thousands of people around the world to commit to daily meditation for peace. She has written a novel with a soundtrack that the reader can play while reading, and 3 of her paintings are featured and worked into the story.


She is offering her novel for free on iTunes and Google Play, together with a playlist for it on both Spotify and Deezer. She hopes that profits from art sales will enable her to set up the 12pm:Peace meditation venture. She says ‘Our world is divided into 39 time zones, so if we have people meditating in every time zone daily, change is possible.


Ana says “I was born an artist, but it was always difficult for me to decide on an art form. It was only as an adult that I realised that I really don’t have to decide” – hence her expression in words, music and art.


The novels plot covers a woman who quits her job in Marketing and starts to paint. The main character is interviewed and discusses the idea of meditating for peace. The author says that the book has ended up being a self-fulfilling prophecy due to the novel unintentionally taking her back to painting professionally, just as the main character does.


Ana grew up in Hamburg, attending the International School of Hamburg where students were given many opportunities to learn art and drama. She danced at the Balletzentrum Hamburg, which is the school for the official Hamburg Ballet and worked as a social media executive for two MTV brands (VIVA and Comedy Central). She studied International Business Management at University and was also trained in acting / performing arts at Italia Conti School of Performing Arts as well as the Sylvia Young Drama School in London. She then went on to study business and is also a trained classical pianist.



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