How to quickly & easily have an ARTISTS SHOP

20 March, 2019

Many artists find that they want a quick an easy solution for selling their artworks online. Setting up your own website with e-commerce can be quite a headache, but it doesn’t need to be. Here I set out one easy way that artists can sell artwork online without needing any graphic or web design skills.


Below you can see the homepage of Uta Wilczok, a German artist specialising in Sumi-e.


Note that you don’t actually need to have your own artists website for this to work for you, but we do have another article on how to set up your own site if you want to

Uta's homepage

She used* to create this website, and used Bluehost to set it up quickly and easily.  In the main navigation at the top of this image, you can see that she has the titles ‘Home, Sume-e, Tiere (animals in german), Kontakt (contact in german), Shop and Instagram.

*Not to be confused with which is not your best option


As an Artfuly artist member, we helped her to set up her SHOP link to her Artfuly artist profile at (image below) so that visitors to her website can click ‘Shop’ and go ahead and buy any artwork they like. For those artists who don’t have or don’t want their own website linked to a shop, you can just have an Artfuly profile like the one below on its own…


It takes just a few minutes to apply to Artfuly, and once you’re accepted, you use the easy dashboard to upload images and details of your artworks, which can then also be very quickly shared to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and so many other places with all your artwork details already included in the post using the share buttons on or under your artwork image!



If Uta didn’t have her own artists website, but just an Artfuly profile, she could just register a website name such as ‘’ and we can set that up to lead to her Artfuly artists profile shown above.  She can then use ‘’ on all her business cards and other printed materials for her art fairs. The interested art buyer would then type in ‘’ and be redirected to the Artfuly artist profile above where they can purchase at any time after the art fair!


After purchase, Artfuly contacts the artist to ask a convenient pick up date and address, we then organise the delivery with a courier and send the artist labels to attach to the package.


For her Artfuly artists profile, Uta pays just €1 Euro per week for unlimited artwork uploads. When comparing this to putting her own e-commerce into her website, you can see that other options are costly and require special knowledge and quite a lot of time!


Compare our €4 per month deal with just a shop from shopify or any other e-commerce cart provider, who charge $8 to $229 per month and where you have to build and maintain the website yourself – they are way more expensive and time consuming and that is JUST the shop, not everything we’re offering (don’t forget about all the hidden costs such as a domain name (www address), SSL certificate, hosting, %age they take from each transaction in your cart, plus you then have to arrange the delivery and any potential returns yourself). So if you want to concentrate on creating artworks and not on the headaches of digital marketing, PR and logistics, our offer is the best because even Saatchiart and Artfinder don’t offer personalised PR.

buy button


Added to this, Uta can link up any image or button on her own website directly to any art detail page such as shown below… [click the buy button above to see how it works]




The art collector then clicks buy, checkout, enters their name, address and credit card details and the sale is done and we launch into action to make sure the logistics are dealt with! Uta is paid 7 days after signed, insured delivery to the buyer as long as no return is requested during that time.



Apply for your online shop today, and if you need help linking it, just ask us on



*At the time we took these website screenshots, Uta was on holiday, so she had set her Artfuly profile to ‘Away’ so that all the BUY buttons on her page turn into ENQUIRE buttons and we at Artfuly will answer all buyer enquiries, advise that she will be back soon and able to proceed with the sale. This is ideal because buyers will have a real person to speak to, and we can make sure that artists on holiday don’t miss out on sales.


Author: Rachael Page, Director of




Thank you to mohamed Hassan from Pixabay for the featured illustration at the top of this post

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