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Learn how to BRAND yourself as an Artist

10 March, 2019

Over the years, Artfuly has seen some artists succeed but others not.




Many artists are very talented, and have fantastic, art, but they’re not making the most of it and marketing themselves the right way to connect with art lovers and really communicate the value in their practice and artworks – the key is the correct branding approach.


Artfuly has been concerned with this problem for a long time now and is happy to announce a partnership with Artist First Official, who offer a specialised marketing course for artists!


Course content


Artfuly has reviewed the course content and we think it’s great value and provides a very useful grounding in how to achieve success as an artist.


33% discount

We can also offer artists 33% off the retail price with discount code ‘artfuly‘ – so you get the course

worth $85 USD for only $59.50!



1. Go to: to read about the course and scroll down to the bottom of the page



2. Click register now, add to cart, go to cart, click “enter a promo code” and enter ‘Artfuly’ * into the box – our discount will be applied



4. Click “checkout” to pay with credit/debit card directly on site through Stripe or “check out with PayPal” to pay via PayPal with account or  any credit/debit card.


5. After processing, you will receive an email with information about your account and a link to the course.



Once you have completed the course, you will see that sections 1,2 and 3 form an important foundation for your art business marketing, and that Artfuly’s offerings will support you mainly in the course areas of no. 4, 5 and 6.


1. Brand yourself as an artist

2. Make your art profitable

3. Make the buyers choose you

4. Marketing – the key to success

5. Optimise your website (How to quickly and easily set up an affordable site with no technical skills)

6. Social media for artists


Apply to join us, receive your instant online artists profile with global secure shop (e-commerce) and optionally also feature in our monthly magazine!


* This discount code is an affiliate relationship with the provider, which means that if you choose to take this discount, Artfuly will receive a small commission. The author has chosen to recommend this supplier from various others available, because this product is of  the highest value in the opinion of the author.


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