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Partnership with ART MONEY

30 January, 2019

We have partnered up with ART MONEY to offer our collectors 10 monthly repayments


See our listing on the artmoney site


Buying with Art Money:

Take your art home and pay over 10 months. No interest. No fees.

Art Money credit is available from $675 to $50,000.

If you love art, you’ll love Art Money.


How It Works:


A. Apply

• Go to
• Enter your email and set your password to create an account
• Complete the short application
• Request a credit amount equal to or greater than the work you are purchasing


B. Buy

  1. Login to your account at

  2. Choose “Buy Artwork” from your dashboard

  3. Enter in the full artwork price in the top box (including tax, deposit and other charges) then enter the deposit amount separately.

  4. The rest will be calculated automatically. (see below)

  5. Select the gallery from the drop-down menu

  6. Enter in your repayment details

  7. A verification code will be sent via text to your mobile – enter the number on the site

  8. Accept the agreement online and the gallery will do the rest – you’ll get a confirmation email.Join thousands of collectors who use

  9. Art Money to make art buying easier.


Questions? We’re here to help.

1300 31 66 11

0800 004 682



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