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How Artfuly helps artists to INCREASE ART SALES

30 December, 2018

Read on to find discover how Artfuly can market you with our boutique publicity package


To sell art, artists know that they need to find ways to get in front of a large audience of the right kind of people (art lovers & art buyers), show their art in the best possible light, and make it easy for the buyer to purchase & have delivered – not only that, successful artists do a lot more to engage their audience in the long term.


As a lone artist, your obstacles are:

  1. It’s time-consuming to build & maintain your own artist website, often very difficult to make it look beautiful (& therefore show your art in the best light), and hard to give accurate shipping quotes worldwide, buyers may leave the site rather than enquire

  2. You’re unlikely to get enough traffic and expensive to get traffic (online & offline adverts), however major online art sites only ‘blanket advertise’ and don’t focus on individual artists & their talents

  3. It’s costly to include e-commerce services with a monthly charge (e.g. shopify) [see costs table]

  4. Having to pay for delivery & returns yourself, plus arrange it all

  5. Social Media – it’s time consuming to gain followers and post all the time

  6. Building a community of fans – it’s time consuming, especially sending them regular emails

  7. Trust issues – Are buyers willing to put thousands in your bank account directly if you don’t have a shop? Are they happier to buy from a gallery who properly vets artists?


We solve all these problems for you, and more…


We provide a low-cost, all-included package with unlimited artwork uploads on, where you will gain viewers you wouldn’t have otherwise, with global secure e-commerce cart & full delivery services. We actively publicise you on our social media, and you can optionally feature in our magazine for just €44 per feature.


To make sure you are seen, we work with an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Marketing & Strategy expert to drive global traffic to the website. We currently have visitors from all over the world, particularly the USA, UK, Europe & Australia. Below you can see a coverage map showing the distribution of our website visitors over the past year.


coverage map


We also have developed our own artist marketing strategy based on best practice art marketing principles – This means that we concentrate on connecting with your audience and on SEO & content marketing – specifically the magazine, with individual artist stories heavily promoted and accessible via mobile since the mobile audiences are continuing to grow. The below is a summary of how we market from our SEO Expert:


“We promote and drive traffic to your listings via several channels:


• Social Media

• Dedicated content

• Email marketing

• Video marketing

• Community building


Artfuly is a fully optimised art marketplace and there are new visitors finding us everyday. We have a good domain authority and regularly update based on the latest Google algorithm releases. The combination of many artists and artworks gives your art an immediate audience which is very difficult to gain and maintain to your own website. We also optimise your artwork images for your name, style and artwork title.”


We are the best boutique online artist marketing service in the world because we provide personalised publicity to you the artist in the form of individual social media posts and magazine features, not to mention putting your artworks into collections, videos, IGTV posts and more.


We also concierge deliver to the buyer so that they have just one contact throughout the delivery process who is contactable every day during CET business hours. The delivery costs are covered in the artwork price so that you, the artist does not have to pay for shipping and we organise it all. See more here on the comparison of Fine art marketplaces service offerings and costs.


We have regular paid advertisements on Google, and we keyword optimise all pages and content and articles for keywords to appear in organic search results (e.g Google), to gain referrals traffic and pursue a ‘content marketing’ strategy, which in practice means to regularly write about art & artists.  Optimising the whole site for SEO is an expensive exercise, but it yields a better return on investment than adverts, and gives long term results. The correct approach is a mix of a wide variety of marketing approaches, however we are currently concentrating on re-optimising the site design for UX (User experience) and organic keywords. Organic keyword optimisation must be redone at regular intervals as the marketplace and competition changes.


We use the magazine & building subscriptions to it, to build a niche art audience. In the past 12 months we have had 64,000 impressions on Google. Our traffic sources are 1. Direct to, 2. Organic traffic from google searches 3. Referrals e.g. from articles on other websites and this includes the magazine on Issuu 4. Social media (In order of most traffic: Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Houzz, Instagram stories….and more)


Artists who join us all have the option to feature in an up-coming magazine. For €96, you will receive not just a years e-commerce hosting of your artworks in a secure cart with delivery organised by us, but also a double page spread in the magazine, which will be liberally posted on all our social media (with an individual artist story about you optimised for mobile) – our artists who have featured already think that this is great value.


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