degenerate matter VIII   oil on canvas 80x60 2019

Berlin artist reaches for the stars with his new series of artworks

4 December, 2019

Environments where such matter exists are relatively rare throughout the Universe, and they most commonly occur in the cores of stars, or stellar remnants. Inspired by that phenomenon, the paint is used in a way that can be associated with that physical process.

Artfuly Magazine Issue 11.523

Italian artist sees Tuscany in his own very unique way

4 December, 2019

Mauro’s style is a mixture of illustration and brilliant geometric pattens, sometimes depicting life around him in Tuscany such as old buildings, animals and people. He has his own special and original way of viewing the world, seemingly as if his brain isn’t applying the same filter that many of us have.

Artfuly Magazine Issue 11.59

Amazing Swedish Artist Discovered!

3 December, 2019

Magdalena’s best-selling series called ‘The Beginning’ has a bright, illustrative style sometimes reminiscent of cubism. “Sandy Treasure’, ‘Extraordinary World of the Mind’ and ‘Conquered Mind’ are beautiful examples of this series.


Artfuly Magazine: December 2019

2 December, 2019

A curated collection of contemporary fine art from around the world for the Christmas Holiday season. This is the entertainers issue, for those who want to beautify their homes for entertaining guests, with affordable fine art gift ideas and a gift certificate for your art lover friends.