Artfuly Launch

Artfuly Launch a huge success!

29 July, 2013

The Artfuly Launch last Wednesday was crammed with art-lovers peering over shoulders to get a glimpse of the artworks on show. Our DJ spun relaxed lounge and caricatures flowed from Chris Kelly’s pencils as he moved around the room capturing guests with Artful ease. The artwork on show represents just a small section of the affordable, original art which is available on Artfuly.com, and 11 artists from 4 states exhibited 31 works.


Artfuly artist wins ‘Emerging Artist Award’!

10 July, 2013

Jacky Murtaugh has just won The SALA Austral Hotel Emerging Artist Award for artists working in painting, photography or other hanging work who have had their first solo exhibition in the past five years.

Chris Kelly's 'Alice and the pig'

MONA’s The Red Queen – why do we create?

10 July, 2013

The wacky MONA (the Museum of Old and New Art) opened its newest exhibition The Red Queen on June 18th. Inspired by the Lewis Carroll character – a villain driven to action by an unseen force and the by related biological Red Queen hypothesis, the exhibition explores the theme of why humans are intrinsically driven to create art.