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Artfuly Magazine: June 2019

2 June, 2019

Artwork for the corporate office space to increase happiness and productivity – find out how and why inside the magazine!

Artfuly Magazine Issue 10.025

June FEATURED Artist: Fraser Lawson

2 June, 2019

Fraser Lawson’s images transport the viewer into another dimension – the fascinating macro world, which is why the series is called ‘A window elsewhere’ and they are a perfect choice for the corporate space.


May FEATURED Artist: Jacob Berghoef

2 May, 2019

To create his masterpieces, Jacob uses only the basic camera settings, without filters or digital re-editing and sometimes uses a 100 year old camera. He describes his process as ‘painting with natural light in the camera’. The style characterised by soft colours, soft focus and the effects created by how he moves the camera while the shutter is open. Photo software is used very minimally to remove dust or to adjust brightness, contrast or cropping to improve his compositions.


May FEATURED Artist: Stephane Vereecken

2 May, 2019

The artist has successfully exhibited in art galleries in Brussels and Belgium and has been published in multiple magazines in Europe and the USA – a full list can be seen on his bio below. He is offering 6 of 12 of every limited edition exclusively through Artfuly.


May FEATURED Artist: A.J. Brown

2 May, 2019

This artwork, ‘Simple Lode’ has just won the ‘Best Contemporary or Modern Work Award’ at the Drysdale 43rd Easter Art Show in VIC, Australia (April 2019).


May FEATURED Artist: Nicholas Conlon

2 May, 2019

We cover his ‘Wildflower series’ which ties in with his recent collaboration with the Mercury Theatre in Chicago where he painted the entire entranceway with ‘Flowers eating flowers’ called the ‘Space Garden.’ An art installation in support of their latest production of ‘Little Shop of Horrors’.


May FEATURED Artist: David Thornton

2 May, 2019

We’re pretty sure that anyone would absolutely love a personal portrait in Davids’ unique style as a gift, complete with a secret message.


May FEATURED Artist: Steve Swindells

2 May, 2019

Steve creates artworks encompassing photography, iPhone ‘Phinger Painting’ and digital mashups, often on the top deck deck of a London bus. His process is spontaneous, and he says that his ‘fingers splatter virtual paint like a digital version of Jackson Pollock or Jean-Michel Basquiat’

Final cover

Artfuly Magazine: May 2019

1 May, 2019

IN THIS ISSUE the #emergingstars collection – The essence of being an emerging artist is to experiment and find a unique style.

In this issue we highlight the talent of 6 artists who are redefining what contemporary art can be with modern ideas & tools

Two from the UK – (1) Steve a digital artist and (2) David an illustrator, (3) Nicolas from the USA painting political commentary,
(4) A.J. from Australia creating 3D originals,
(5) Stephane of Belgium who mixes photography & hand drawing and
(6) Jacob a fine-art photographer from Denmark.


Artfuly Magazine: April 2019

1 April, 2019

In-depth coverage of 2 mid-career artists from Berlin and Denmark and 1 emerging artist from Berlin. Cerebral, Joyous, large, colourful and meditative – read it now in a beautiful full-screen flip-book!

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