March FEATURED Artist: Richard Shaffett

7 March, 2019

Richard creates dreamy glazed acrylics which are full of light and energy, depicting the beauty of tropical islands and the sea…

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How to FEATURE in the Artfuly Fine Art Magazine

7 March, 2019

Answer a few questions in our interactive interview questions and we create your magazine article, send you a draft and request high-resolution images!

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Artfuly Magazine: MARCH 2019

2 March, 2019

The Brights Collection – A curated selection of colourful artworks to brighten your home or office

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Try ART on your wall

24 February, 2019

Scared to buy art online? Don’t be – with our ‘try before you buy’ image service


February FEATURED Artist: Lily Perthuis

30 January, 2019

In 2010, she started working with a colleague to highlight her deep interest in wildlife preservation. She gathered data and created a series of portraits of endangered animals using the current total population of the species in a form of data visualisation.

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February FEATURED Artist: Elizabeth Barsham

30 January, 2019

Every flattened, rotting bit of detritus was once a valued possession serving a useful purpose; every rusted, twisted piece of iron has its own little history, providing a tangible link to the past, a reminder of the transitory nature of material possessions. These things sometimes appear in my paintings as the spirits of lost machinery wandering a broken land.

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February FEATURED Artist: Rodrigue Vanhoutte

30 January, 2019

…obsessed by the History of pigments, colours, and old techniques; he began to mix his own colours from pure pigments and different kind of oils…seeing the Painter a bit like an alchemist…


Artfuly Magazine: FEB 2019

30 January, 2019

Get to know 3 very individual and contrasting expressionist artists with big voices expressing their concerns via their art

An environmentalist, wildlife preservationist and another concerned with the the
human condition


ARTIST: Rodrigue Vanhoutte

30 January, 2019

The understanding of my demarche

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Partnership with ART MONEY

30 January, 2019

We have partnered up with ART MONEY to offer our collectors 10 month loans

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