Put Some Pop Art in your Home

23 August, 2013

Bright, bold as well as often quirky, Pop Art in the home can make your environment appealing and trendy.

There are numerous ways that you can include Pop Art in the décor of your home. Cushion covers and even patterned couches can be purchased with Pop Art designs and famous Pop Art reproductions printed on them. However if you want more than a print in order to add an individualised touch to your interior, original and contemporary Pop Art paintings continue to be available for purchase.

This movement begin in the 1950’s. Pop Art was initially a bi-product of the post-war commercial boom. Since, as an artistic movement, Pop Art has stylistically become extremely versatile and is instead untied by a common meaning. However, bold lines and bright colours are strongly associated with Pop Art and make the works recognisable to audiences.

Basic white walls provide a perfect opportunity to introduce Pop Art into your home. The bold lines and colours in particular will make an interesting statement against a contrasting basic backdrop. However, there are no specific rules! Just play with the colours in your home and enjoy the bold  shapes. Pop Artwork can make a fantastic statement piece in any room. has a collection of fantastic artists with Pop-art up for sale! Check out Scott Hynd, Laura Barrand, Andrew Jumbo and Tina Alesi.  gives you the option to view artworks in a digital room. Just go to any artwork on  and click ‘See it in a Room’.

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