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The best way to have your own ARTISTS WEBSITE

4 April, 2019

Having your own artists website is a good idea, and crucial for those artists who are serious about their art business.


No technical skills needed

You don’t have to be a technical wizard to have a really great looking website in 2019! It’s actually really easy…


Why you should have your own site

Whilst it’s good to partner with a large art marketplace (such as to be published in the magazine, high social media follower numbers and a high traffic website, your own artists site will give you credibility and the ability to create your artist brand, arrange series of works into collections, and do plenty of content marketing (blog articles) which is another great way to build your audience and followers… If you want to learn more about how to create your artists brand, see how to create your artist brand and market yourself effectively.


Everything you need for €3.52 per month from Bluehost

At Artfuly we’re pretty experienced in building websites and marketing, and for an individual artist, our recommended solution to give you the best features at the most affordable price is a Bluehost hosted website, with a 1-click install of WordPress for €3.52 per month. Bluehost is very trusted and they include a free domain name (www address), free SSL certificate which you must have for security, and a huge array of easy website templates for you to easily upload your text and images into. WordPress has been around for years and is not going anywhere, plus wordpress connects up with all the other best in class tools like Mailchimp for your marketing emails.


Linking with your Artfuly Profile to put a shop inside your site

Once you have your site up, there is also the option to connect your site with to add a shop to your own site! This means that Artfuly takes care of all the enquiries, online secure transactions and organising & paying for delivery – see more about adding a shop at – Having a profile on is optional, but if you do have it, then make the most of it and link it up in a few seconds to allow customers on your artists website to immediately buy art via our secure cart.


Get started

Click the banner below to find out more and sign up for USD3.99 or €3.52


After signup

Using WordPress, you can also click to install the following plugins which we recommend:



Allows you to drag and drop to create your own page designs if the artist template you choose isn’t enough for you. Note that there are thousands of templates available, many are free, some have a 1-off cost of around €40. Make sure you choose well, this is crucial and we can offer help on a consultancy basis for this if you need it.



The top SEO plugin right now with all the features you need – This is really important because once you have a site, you want it to be found in search engines, so a combination of good SEO and blog articles will help drive traffic (eyes) to your site.


If you have any other questions, please email

and remember that you can contact us so that we’ll talk you through how to add the Artfuly shop to your own website in under 5 minutes!


Author: Rachael Page, Director of


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