March FEATURED Artist: Vahe Miro Capalian

7 March, 2019

This article appears in the March issue of Artfuly Magazine – available to read in fullscreen flipbook version here


Exciting new emerging abstract artist Vahe Miro Capalian hails from Sunny California, between LA and San Diego. He has burst onto the contemporary art scene to great reception via a few posts he made on instagram, and is now showing work in respected street galleries in London and near Venice in Italy as well as online with us at Artfuly.

Vahe honed his artistic talent over the past 10 years and is now ready to emerge. He was born in Armenia to 2 architect parents and grew up in a very artistic family.

Vahe says that what sets him apart from other artists is his knowledge of composition in classical music and in fact he names his artworks after famous classical pieces although he is not influenced by the pieces of music that the paintings are titled under.

He has been performing music on the Piano and composing since he was eight years old, however his sister was the recognised visual artist of the family which is why he has only immersed himself in creating abstract artworks for the past few years.

Vahe feels that the message he is sending out via his artwork is the possibilities and strength of beauty. He is inspired by absolutely everything, but lists mainly Gerhard Richter. Cecily Brown, Peter Doig as his main inspiration points.

Vahe is a brand new emerging artist with a solid series of abstract works featuring wonderful fine details which can only be appreciated in person.  For this reason, we would like to suggest that the best way to view the art is to contact Artfuly and arrange to receive video footage, and potentially a video tour with the artist. Prices are shown on the artists profile at –

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