ARTIST: Rodrigue Vanhoutte

30 January, 2019

” In a society that each day seems to lose a little more of its meaning, its true values, which is increasingly sinking into chaos, Art remains, as it has always been, the supreme value. A field in which to fight chic, stupid, “evil”. A means of building up as a man, while trying to understand the world and position himself vis-à-vis it, to try to find answers, THE answer to these questions that have tormented the human from the beginning and prevent him from being at peace. For in Painting it is always, in the end, about the Man that it is. Through the practice of pictorial art, man seeks his unity, while taking charge of reality.

Without Art, life would only be a beating heart, a digestible stomach, eyes that see empty images. Like a soulless body. Art is truly the soul of life.


Impose this state of affairs at a time of collapse of all values, forcefully re-affirm the power and crucial importance of Art, far from fashions, branchouille attitudes and concepts hollow and reproducible to infinity. To advocate the return to a heroic art, to a true depth of inspiration. Does anyone still have a clear idea of what the elders called “inspiration”? Sudden appearances of something that is heard, that is seen, with inexpressible safety and reality, upsetting while in you. Storm of Absolute, Liberty, Force, Reality.


Fight against modern mercantilism, which despises spiritual values until they produce money. Who confuses success and talent, who tries to bring Art into the fall of this world. And fight against the latent despair that seems to have become the natural state of man.

The monumentality and heroism of Michel-Ange, Caravaggio and Beethoven cannot supposedly exist today, because we live in a time of total disillusionment, despair about the future, destruction of the present and even traces of past greatness…

Me, I think PRECISELY ! Painting the modern Calvary, the fall of every ideal, the agony in the ruins of this society, this new gaping breach, this new human fragility…

What I’m dreaming of, what I want, is a new relationship to the Painting.
Religious paintings, not of the same nature, but of the same degree!
Without irony, without satire, without derision, these three plagues of the so-called modern art.

How is it that our eyes are not the same on a Rembrandt canvas and a modern work? We don’t look at a Rembrandt self-portrait as a simple image, because we know, we feel, there’s something else to look for, to learn, to feel. These things we don’t even look for in modern works anymore.

What is it? Where and when did it get lost? Why?
How did Rembrandt paint a man’s entire life in his eyes? Ah, it’s certainly not just a matter of technique…


The Painting is an act. From an empirical point of view, it is even the most important of all, an act that precisely marked the rupture between the monkey and man.
Painting is NOT an image production.

But how can we arrive, how can we succeed in showing the act and what underpins it without depending, at the arrival, on the resulting image, without going through the abstraction, which has become null and void in our time?

Not a representation, not an interpretation, but an osmosis with the “real”.
A tireless pursuit, a kind of sovereign concentration, but nourished and above all unbalanced by the moment.
A secret and sacred language that entails neither beginning nor end, but a pure “capture”.
Instantaneous tone capture, capture flash content.

How is it possible if the painting is a whole of a multitude of gestures? So every trait, every touch, must be definitive, of astonishing radicalism and grace.
So how did you do it?
How can such a search be approached when no metric system has made sense and there is not a single point of reference at the height of this calculation?
No concrete support that can provide a Painter with a solution or method to this problem.
He’s a Painter, sir.
So not someone who creates “images”, but someone who would like to achieve the absolute capture of what he LIVES.
And break his isolation by the communion of this seizure.And from the part of Truth which it contains.

My life as an Artist is a constant search for the very mystery of creation, the mystery of human body and the mystery of Human Destiny


Article by Rodrigue Vanhoutte

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