TOP 7 ARTFULY ARTISTS you should know

2 January, 2019

This article appears in the January 2019 Issue of the Artfuly Magazine


Over the years at, we have seen, published and sold so many great artworks. Looking back at 2018 we wanted to highlight some of the most popular artists on our website and to make a little recapitulation of their great work. We’ve compiled a list of 7 of our most loved artists and whose unique style and skill will jump-start your imagination.


Let’s begin with Katie Puenner, a Chicago based artist whose work has been featured in numerous shows throughout Chicago and New York.




Over the years Katie has painted dozens of murals in New York. Her unique style full of vibrant colours emphasizes the form that is the main element in Katie’s work.


With an incredible sense for landscape details, using bright, vivid colours she represents how she sees and feels nature. The observer can see the shapes of natural elements, can sense the swiftness of the wind, and the beginning of a day.


Besides landscapes, on our online gallery, you can see her well-pigmented paintings in an abstract expressionist style that are simultaneously striking and reflective. Colours used on this painting Lily Pads are bold and beautiful. This painting will be the perfect pick with those vibrant green and purple shades.





Diana Malivani finds inspiration in nature, people that she meets and her dreams, which becomes clear looking at her vibrant abstract paintings. The use of brushes and knives (sometimes both) while painting with oil and acrylic on canvas and her recent creative process called ‘seeing music’ shows us how she as an artist submerges herself into classical and modern music,


She is transported to a unique realm where various images and pictures appear, Like the great Kandinsky known for his synesthesia art pieces, Diana’s artworks reflect the images evoked in her soul as she listens Painting and music are connected by extraordinary deep inner ties that have the same foundation as the diverse manifestations of life. For Diana, music is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and her goal as an artist is to catch that music on canvas to convey its rhythm, brilliance, and uniqueness in abstract compositions.


Painting Sea Breath is a good abstract choice if you have modern and minimalist furniture in your home. Blue, gold and pastel orange colour will fit perfectly in there and make the perfect vibe that infuses any space with happiness.




Haena Kang lives in New York and often describes her work as consisting of clarity. By clarity she thinks about  the consistent thought around the concept and the process of achieving it.


The main preoccupation in her works are instinctual emotions in particular, how one has experienced triumph over adversity and has wandered the wilderness and come out on the other side. She’s come to realise that this desire for understanding is not just her own, but rather one that is grounded in universal human emotion.


It’s an intangible, intimate moment she wishes to express and share with others through the markings she makes in her artwork. If you take a look at her paintings you will easily imagine having these deep turquoise colours on the living room or bedroom wall. If your home is full of medium tones you can achieve good contrast with painting ‘Open’. That combination will make it easier to achieve a clean looking interior. In addition you can add some patterned pillows, a colourful rug, and greenery.





Jennifer Webb lives in Melbourne and consistently paints Melbourne landscapes, especially portraying water views around Melbourne city. Beside water landscapes Jennifer also paints the skylines in neo-impressionistic style and abstract.


At the beginning she started painting with pastels, oils and watercolours. When she moved to Brazil she started using acrylic and created a mixed media artworks which eventually led her to experiment with variety of textures and layers. She employed wet in wet techniques and layering of glazes over various textures. This technique suited while painting water landscapes and gave her a glass-free alternative to watercolour on paper.


Skyline III is the perfect painting with one of the 2018 top interior design magazine’s described shades of colour. This reddish looks fresh all year-round. Strong and radiant this reddish colour will make a bold statement. To avoid the impression of your home feel too dark you should probably keep the rest of the room white for contrast



dog_beach1 (1)

Diane Ferguson is a creative artist, writer of stories for children, sometime philosopher and ever ‘the observer’. She is currently based in Sydney and finds her inspiration while playing with grandchildren and with her environment in which she is inspired by the colour and diversity of multicultural Sydney.


She is always excited by not knowing what will develop as the work takes on a ‘life of its own’. Her bliss is making art and during that process the ‘world turns’ around without her noticing it. She believes that ‘creating art’ is an adventure. Paint, brushes, canvas, and bits of tin, cardboard and other recyclables are always in her backpack while traveling the road to experience the freedom of expression to the full.


Her painting The Pink Pavilion has dominant pink and green that are timeless and modern colours..





Greek born Paul Laspagis lives in Melbourne and has a rich exhibiting biography as well numerous artworks. He is mostly interested in making images from the man-made environment, the human presence and the natural landscape.


He is always seeking the way to spot the structure and order in transforming the ordinary and transient into flat formal monuments that give the illusion of solidity and permanence.In this say he sees the harmony, unity and interconnection in the makeup of visual reality and endeavours to have these values reflected in the language of his paintings.


Painting Seated figure will make the perfect addition to your living room or study paired with either curvy or boxy styled furniture.




Sri-Lankan artist Manilal, now living in Australia also works as a pastry chef. Manilal has been painting since 1980 and says that he paints in a semi abstract figurative expressionist style. His influences are mostly modernist and expressionist painters like: Picasso, Gauguin, Francis Bacon.


Artfuly discovered Manilal in October 2013, and since then we can’t stop looking at one of his paintings called Contrasts. It’s abstract expressionism work, full of bright basic colours.


If you need a painting to make a cheerful, cozy statement pick this one. Warm, almost lemon yellow will make your home feel organic and natural. We suggest placing this painting on a grey background that will pull the bright shade back and you will get a sophisticated and natural look.  If you’re looking to brighten up your home chose this colour combo. You won’t be mistaken.


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