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How to use original art to STYLE UP YOUR HOME

2 January, 2019

This article appears in the January 2019 Issue of the Artfuly Magazine


In this issue, we show you how to mix a mood or theme, related colour(s) and an original artwork to style up your space on any budget – giving your home a fresh new look for the new year!


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There are a huge number of amazing contemporary artists online, and there is no need to buy prints when you can own an original artwork which is completely unique to you, and will give your space that wow impact, impress your visitors and give you joy on a daily basis. 


You can select from paintings, drawings, illustrations, abstracts, indigenous australian art, pop art and more – the options are endless! On well designed sites you can search and filter by a keyword (e.g. ‘Beach’), colour(s), style(s) and/or price to find the perfect artwork for your space and budget.


Once you’ve decided on the look you want, It’s easy to choose the right work of art online by filtering various colours and styles – so this puts you in complete control of the collection you see: If for example, you want to see artworks over 1.5m wide in an abstract style featuring blues and browns? – the art site you use should offer site tools to create a personalised collection of quality original artworks to suit your space!


You don’t need to bow to the selections made by the gallery curator – you can and should, choose the artwork that really speaks to you.

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Do you want to choose an artwork to suit your existing room colour scheme or do you want to design a room around an artwork that you love? In any case, you need to think about the colour impact and updating any wall and textile colours and furniture. In the next article we explain colour psychology to give you a starting point.


The number of people who are choosing to buy art online is growing at a huge pace, and the selection of quality original art available is truly exciting and opens up so many options for you to create a beautiful interior.


Check that the gallery you buy from has a secure cart, professional artists, fully insured delivery and artworks which arrive with certificates of authenticity. Also recommended is to look out for free delivery and returns so that you can try it on your wall before you make a final decision, as we do at Artfuly.


Read the next article: Colour Psychology, Style, Size & Placement





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