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The best way to have your own ARTISTS WEBSITE

4 April, 2019

So easy a child could do it, and only €3.52 a month – 100’s of ready made artist templates to choose from, with www address and other essentials all included…


April FEATURED Artist: Igor Bleischwitz

1 April, 2019

Mirroring the torn posters seen all around Berlin, the layers often expose a realist object behind the more abstract top layer…


April FEATURED Artist: Inge Thoegersen

1 April, 2019

Inge has exhibited in Denmark, Germany, Kosovo, Italy, USA and Portugal and as you can see here, these artworks are a beautiful splash of joy and colour bringing their inherent positivity into any room.


April FEATURED Artist: Ana Vega

1 April, 2019

Ana wants to encourage thousands of people around the world to commit to daily meditation for peace. She has written a novel with a soundtrack that the reader can play while reading, and 3 of her paintings are featured and worked into the story.


Artfuly Magazine: April 2019

1 April, 2019

In-depth coverage of 2 mid-career artists from Berlin and Denmark and 1 emerging artist from Berlin. Cerebral, Joyous, large, colourful and meditative – read it now in a beautiful full-screen flip-book!


How to quickly & easily have an ARTISTS SHOP

20 March, 2019

Want to avoid the headaches of building a website and want to have your work for sale online quickly? This is the best solution for todays contemporary fine artists

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Learn how to BRAND yourself as an Artist

10 March, 2019

How to sell your art in the 21st Century: You already know how to make art – now is the time to build a successful artist career

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Magazine PRINTS

9 March, 2019

Artfuly magazine is available to order in single prints or with quantity discounts and delivered to your home address. 2 size options and soft or hardcover…


March FEATURED Artist: Vahe Miro Capalian

7 March, 2019

Exciting new emerging abstract artist Vahe Miro Capalian has burst onto the contemporary art scene to great reception via a few posts he made on instagram

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March FEATURED Artist: Mauro Benedetti

7 March, 2019

Living in beautiful Tuscany, Mauro Benedetti has a style reminiscent of the circular elements and colours of the famous artwork – The Kiss, by Gustav Klimt.

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