How to be a successful artist


19 September, 2018

This article shows you how you can best use all the online and offline methods available to you, to gain higher sales of your art. We explain ‘Best Practice Art Marketing for Artists’ and what art platforms should be doing for you and how to best use them.

Top places to sell art


5 June, 2018

A comparison of top places to sell art, showing Global reach, Commission, Art types sold (Original/prints), what other products the site sells and some pros and cons of each

Structures of Life.. LXIV

The Life and Inspiration of Vanessa Jongebloet

27 February, 2018

Vanessa built a reputation with faux marbles and faux woods which she made in the ancient canal houses of Amsterdam

Structures of Life.. LVII

The amazing Marbles of Vanessa Jongebloet

27 February, 2018

Watch an inspiring Video of Vanessa creating these impossibly realistic organic resins

beneath the surface 17

Linda Coppens, Belgian Artist: Theme and Process

6 January, 2015

Linda Coppens, a Belgian artist trained in psychology explains her interest in the human and how it lead to the development of her artistic theme: the complexity of the human. The transparent and opaque layers she creates in her paintings are intended to bring the layers of memory and the influence of past experiences to life

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Viscosity Show in Glebe

12 November, 2014

We had a great gathering in Glebe for ‘Viscosity’, see selected photos here

Elizabeth Barsham

Meeting Elizabeth Barsham: Tasmanian Gothic Artist

8 November, 2014

I don’t think I had ever realized that a house that size could hold that much art, that much psychotically glorious imagination. (Versailles? Yes. A house in Upper North Seddon? No.) It was like being granted entrance to Aladdin’s cave. Gorgeous luscious treasures cascading and tumbling at me from every direction.


Where ART thou? Art in property styling

26 October, 2014

For some, art truly does remove the debris of everyday life. For some, art is soul food, it is inspiration or serenity; it is a visual stimulation that affects people both physically and emotionally.


Artfuly Artist Sabina Klein on The Block Glasshouse!

22 October, 2014

Artfuly’s very own Sabina Klein has had her boisterous original works featured on Channel 9’s hit show The Block Glasshouse! Sabina has supplied seven original paintings to pair Chris and Jenna.


Colour Psychology and Art for the Office

22 September, 2014

Oodles of psychological research has shown that colour has the power to affect behaviour, moods and most importantly for workspaces – productivity. So we have to ask, why aren’t there more colours in your office?

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