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Linda Coppens, Belgian Artist: Theme and Process

6 January, 2015

Linda Coppens, a Belgian artist trained in psychology explains her interest in the human and how it lead to the development of her artistic theme: the complexity of the human. The transparent and opaque layers she creates in her paintings are intended to bring the layers of memory and the influence of past experiences to life

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Viscosity Show in Glebe

12 November, 2014

We had a great gathering in Glebe for ‘Viscosity’, see selected photos here

Elizabeth Barsham

Meeting Elizabeth Barsham: Tasmanian Gothic Artist

8 November, 2014

I don’t think I had ever realized that a house that size could hold that much art, that much psychotically glorious imagination. (Versailles? Yes. A house in Upper North Seddon? No.) It was like being granted entrance to Aladdin’s cave. Gorgeous luscious treasures cascading and tumbling at me from every direction.


Where ART thou? Art in property styling

26 October, 2014

For some, art truly does remove the debris of everyday life. For some, art is soul food, it is inspiration or serenity; it is a visual stimulation that affects people both physically and emotionally.


Artfuly Artist Sabina Klein on The Block Glasshouse!

22 October, 2014

Artfuly’s very own Sabina Klein has had her boisterous original works featured on Channel 9’s hit show The Block Glasshouse! Sabina has supplied seven original paintings to pair Chris and Jenna.


Colour Psychology and Art for the Office

22 September, 2014

Oodles of psychological research has shown that colour has the power to affect behaviour, moods and most importantly for workspaces – productivity. So we have to ask, why aren’t there more colours in your office?


Exciting changes afoot for Artfuly.com

3 September, 2014

Why Artfuly.com is the best choice for artists who are serious about their work

Drew Harrison American Dreams

New Exhibition: Mind-bending Surrealist Journey of 19 panels

12 August, 2014

The first complete showing of Project Icarus in the original Form 1 comprising nineteen individual canvas panels that create one singular piece. It is a mind bending surrealist journey inspired by the mechanical yet grounded in the tradition of visual story telling


Feature Interview with Artist Trisha Lambi

11 August, 2014

An interview with Artfuly artist Trisha Lambi.


“Beauty is a form of Genius” – The Top 10 Most Beautiful Women in Artworks

2 July, 2014

Art has depicted, created and preserved some extraordinarily beautiful women. Here Artfuly’s top 10 most beautiful women in artworks.

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