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Safe hands

Artfuly delivers by select courier, door-to-door, from the Artists studio to you, with full insurance. Artwork is carefully packaged by the artist to the Artfuly packaging guidelines to prevent damage in transit

7-Day return guarantee

You only need to request a return within 7 days of receipt of the artwork, so you have a week to try it on your wall at home. If you do request a return, we will quickly be in contact to make arrangements. Note that the buyer does pay the return shipment cost and the balance is returned to your account on safe receipt of the artwork which is also insured on the return journey

Personal contact

Every time you make an order with Artfuly.com, you are given a personal contact who will be in touch immediately, and keeps you advised of the progress of your delivery at every stage. We guarantee to respond within 8 business hours and often much sooner

Delivery times

Days to ship are shown on each art detail page - this is how long the artist needs to package the artwork and for collection by the art courier. Actual transit times will be given after your order. Because our artists live all over the world, and delivery times are based on size, weight and distance, you will find there is a large variety of delivery times.

For any other questions, please email orders@artfuly.com