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Modern Day Pieta Revisited By: Trisha Lambi

90CM X 90CM X 4CM Oil on Canvas
€1.615,00 EUR
Other  Art - Trisha Lambi - Modern Day Pieta Revisited
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  • STYLE:Other
  • EDGE STYLE:Continuation
  • FRAME:Unframed
    Linen Pine
  • TEXTURE:Smooth

As the title suggests this piece is a modern take on the Pieta, the Michelangelo sculpture depicting Mary cradling her dead son Jesus. This painting resonates deeply with me as my eldest child finishes his final year of school and sets out on his own path. Of course this cannot compare with the death of a child, however there is an element of grief involved in watching your child take those first few independent steps away from you into a world where his safety and wellbeing is out of your control.