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Cocoon By: Trisha Lambi

90CM X 90CM X 4CM Oil on Canvas
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SOLD Other  Art - Trisha Lambi - Cocoon
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  • STYLE:Other
  • EDGE STYLE:Continuation
  • FRAME:Unframed
    Linen Pine
  • TEXTURE:Smooth

There is emotion in this painting - it is as though we are seeing part of a story without knowing the whole of it: we see a glimpse, a moment in time, which make us wonder what is really going on. This is quite deliberate as the artist wants the viewer to make their own analysis of the work. At first glance ?Cocoon? appears to be a soft study of a woman draped however upon closer inspection we see a very thin female figure lying in a bed of soft sheets. Is the woman so thin because she is unwell? Has she cocooned herself as a way of protection? Has she wrapped herself in these sheets as a way to feel safe, or to connect with spirit? Has she experienced a loss to the point that she is wasting away and is unable to get out of bed due to her sadness?