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Sell your art An online art gallery showcasing a selection of unique abstract and contemporary artists work for sale

6 Steps to get your art online & for sale:  

1. Send us full details - see below ^

2. We consider your application

3. If accepted you are asked to pay for 1 years membership - $1 per week - $52 USD up front

4. You receive an email invitation with your login link

5. Complete your details in your artists dashboard and upload your artworks for moderation

6. Your work is live on the site and ready for sale - see brochure here for tools available to you

You may also post articles and images about yourself and your art in the DIARY area *subject to moderation

Pass the test:

  • Artwork must be original and unique in it’s content.

  • Artwork is only sold from the original creator (Artist) in their lifetime, by the artist.
  • Artwork must be a unique 1-off piece, or a series of similar works, or a series of identical works, as long as the series numbers are clearly marked on the artworks and fully disclosed in the descriptions of each artwork.
  • Artwork must be an original hand-created work, and not a print of a photograph, with one exception*
  • We sell art which is ready to hang, with the exception of those which require framing in glass, which is then up to the artists discretion on whether to include a frame, sometimes based on delivery location.
  • If you are contacted directly buy a potential buyer, you agree to check whether the buyer found you/your work on Artfuly, and if so, to pass the sale on to Artfuly, remembering that it doesn't make sense to alienate those who are bringing you sales. 
  • *Such as where the photography and printing forms less than 25% of the process such as in the case of using ink to paint in water, then photographing and printing the result.

^ Details to send:

Please send either a link to your website, or email example images with full details to info@artfuly.com.  We will review your work and if it matches with the gallery styles and quality standards, you will be sent instructions on how to join. See the BUY ART page, or the pinterest page for examples.


  • Your full name:
  • Your country and town:
  • Your phone & best time to call:

  • Your bio: (Optional but recommended)

And for each artwork:

  • Artwork Image: (200-500kb is good for email)
  • Titles: (Note which image each title corresponds with)
  • Dimensions (cm): W x H x D

  • Price (In your local currency): How much the work would retail for in a gallery, or your estimate of that
  • Mediums: e.g. 'Acrylic on canvas' or ink on card

  • Description: (20 - 100 words is great - optional)

We look forward to hearing from you

How it works: Once you join and upload your artworks, buyers can browse your art and filter by colour, style, size, price and keyword to find the perfect artwork for their space - they can then buy on credit card. You choose the price you want for the piece and that's what you receive when it's sold. The site automatically works out the shipping cost for the buyer, and we organise the delivery once you advise the final packaged dimensions. The admin, delivery & insurance cost is covered by the buyer.  Full artists terms and conditions are available in your artist invitation.

Please note that we do not allow external links from your artist profile or artwork descriptions, or web addresses embedded in images.