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Selfportrait By: Rodrigue Vanhoutte

100CM X 200CM X 0CM Oil on Paper
€5.056,00 EUR
Expressionist Art - Rodrigue Vanhoutte - Selfportrait
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  • STYLE:Expressionist
  • FRAME:Unframed
  • TEXTURE:Smooth

The practice of the Self Portrait is one of the main veins of my work.

Besides needing it from a purely psychological point of view in order not to dissolve myself, it is also and at the same time my intimate diary, a permanent drawing exercise and a terrible requirement, a way (the only one, frankly) to answer all these questions that overwhelm us or overwhelm me, to put a concrete vision on the emotions and feelings that drive us crazy because too abstract…

It is a field of exploration of the human being, it is somewhere yes, to use as a cobaye, in order to “understand” what a human is.

And where it gets stuck; what is this curse that prevents us in spite of all our abilities, to do our world something other than a disgusting and shameful cesspool.

There’s a worm in the fruit - what is it, once and for all?

Depending on the time and the period, these are findings, or questions. Or sometimes self-persuasion attempts, I guess.

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