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Across The Great Divide #4 By: Katherine Boland

90CM X 110CM X 3CM Mixed on Wood
€2.103,00 EUR
Abstract Impressionist Art - Katherine Boland - Across The Great Divide #4
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  • STYLE:Abstract Impressionist
  • EDGE STYLE:Plain
  • FRAME:Unframed

In the ‘Across the Great Divide’ series I was inspired by my extensive travels to paint a body of work relating to travel and exploration. In this case exploration signifies not only an open-ended quest toward geographical objectives but also towards spiritual and psychological goals.

Subjective emotive landscapes juxtapose intense areas of blackness and stark white against subtle layers of translucent tone. Delicate scratches and scorch marks punctuate the work. I seek to distill classical interpretations of the beauty of the natural world in an organic, abstract space incorporating non-traditional media such as Black Japan, enamel, varnish, wood stains, liming solution and most significantly fire on inscribed timber panels. Here the mystery and beauty of the natural world and the depth of the human heart are explored to dramatic effect.