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ARTISTSA selection of unique contemporary artists, listing their work for sale

    • ARTIST:Rosemarie Reber
    • LOCATION:VIC, Australia
    • STYLES: Abstract, Expressionist
    • BIO:Systematically exploring the rhythms of daily life. The methodical pace, the unusual stillness, the urgency and rush of city and urban environments and lifestyles.

      Recent paintings, drawings and sculptures meander between abstraction and the figurative. Many of the images are drawn from memory and reflect observations of movements, turns, s... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Sabina Klein
    • LOCATION:VIC, Australia
    • STYLES: Abstract, Abstract Impressionist, Expressionist
    • BIO:Sabi Klein is a Melbourne based artist who is passionate about creating original contemporary abstract art.

      Sabi has worked in the advertising, marketing, radio and media industries. She has undertaken study in Photography and Interior Design and has been able to combine all of these experiences to help create and influence her paintings.

      ... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Sam Clarke
    • LOCATION:NSW, Australia
    • STYLES: Graffiti, Other
    • BIO:Sam Clarke's (also know as Jerome Copeius and Neonate) pieces reflect the madness and uncertainties that spawned in the years of the mid-nineties, focusing particularly on the lifestyles of skateboarding, hip hop and its culture. Due to early and intensive exposure to these worlds, Neonates work has reflectively sat in conversation with this pe... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Sarah Wherry
    • LOCATION:WA, Australia
    • STYLES: Illustration, Surrealist, Abstract, Other
    • BIO:Sarah Wherry is a Western Australian based artist. Sarah is at the beginning of her artistic career, only committing to being a full time artist after completing her Diploma of Visual Arts in 2012. She also holds a Certificate in Commercial Art and has exhibited in several exhibitions to date.

      Her work uses mixed media and combines vintage p... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Scott Hynd
    • LOCATION:QLD, Australia
    • STYLES: Pop Art, Graffiti, Illustration
    • BIO:Bold and bright, Hynd's unique works fuse elements of both Pop and Street/Graffiti Art styles. Each piece uses the mixed mediums of spray paint and enamel on canvas, with each design unique and one of a kind. Hynd incorporates the use of custom stenciling, pre-loved vintage comics and lovingly hand drawn images of the hero's and heroines from 19... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Slobodan Paunovic
    • LOCATION:s.venac, Serbia
    • STYLES: Abstract Impressionist, Expressionist, Pointilist, Art-Deco
    • BIO:"Loving atmosphere in your home is the foundation of your life" (Dalay Lama)

      On Faculty of Architecture I had "Painting" and "Graphic". I had over 80 solo exhibitions. Most of them in hotels on Montenegrin coast. Over 15 years on the famous "Art Gallery" on the famous island hotel St.Stefan. My style is impressionism, tehnique oil or acrylic... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Super Pop Boy
    • LOCATION:Berlin, Germany
    • STYLES: Pop Art, Cartoon, Graffiti, Surrealist
    • BIO:SUPER POP BOY is a Berlin based PopArt-painter. His paintings represent a modern lifestyle and show in a humorous way a timeless view on our human lifes and dreams.

      His favourite subjects of paintings are future topics (rockets, hope and wishes and future optimism). Also he love day-to-day topics such as fashion, growing up, various views of ... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Tank Art
    • LOCATION:VIC, Australia
    • STYLES: Expressionist
    • BIO:I have been painting professionally for approximately 15 years, originating with a fairly loose style which has progressively refined over time. My preferred medium is oil on canvas.

      I do not concentrate on any specific subject matter or paint works in series. I often incorporate a variety of objects to convey my thoughts/ideas and I enjoy t... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Terrence Horatio
    • LOCATION:NSW, Australia
    • STYLES: Expressionist, Abstract, Digital, Pop Art
    • BIO:Terhor is an Australian painter based in Sydney, Australia. His oil paintings revolve are inspired by video games, internet culture and computer error.

      Working primarily in oils to create textured works that are filled with soft gradients and are vivid with colour. "I like to exaggerate simple 3D graphics and pixels into basic shapes. Video g... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Test Testing Lyndel
    • LOCATION:,
    • STYLES:
    • BIO: MORE...
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