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ARTISTSA selection of unique contemporary artists, listing their work for sale

    • ARTIST:Jacky Murtaugh
    • LOCATION:SA, Australia
    • STYLES: Abstract Impressionist, Expressionist
    • BIO:Jacky Murtaugh returned to painting after moving to Australia in 2009.
      Since then she has built on her reputation for the unconventional and extraordinary, becoming known for her vibrant and richly coloured paintings of nature, sparkling renditions of water and blinding representations of sunlight. She captures the fleeting moments and a sense ... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Jacob Berghoef
    • LOCATION:North Jutland, Denmark
    • STYLES: Abstract Impressionist, Abstract, Other
    • BIO:I am inspired by the complexity and vulnerability of nature. At the same time, nature is so strong, and shows itself to us in great simplicity.
      Nature speaks to us in a modest silence. My photos and short prose and poems show how I hear the words of nature.

      Artist statement

      Daily life in the western world is overflowing with stimuli that ... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Jacob Wilson
    • LOCATION:NSW, Australia
    • STYLES: Expressionist, Illustration, Abstract, Surrealist
    • BIO:My work tries to capture your eye with complex but subtle layers of objects, figures and shapes. Varying between different styles of painting and drawing I try to amalgamate aspects of the photo realistic with the abstract.

      I'm an Industrial Design student at UNSW and I create art in my spare time. MORE...
    • ARTIST:Jacqueline Burgess
    • LOCATION:NSW, Australia
    • STYLES: Art-Deco, Illustration, Formalist, Expressionist
    • BIO:Jaqueline Burgess grew up in South Africa where she studied Fine Art, and computer graphics. After 9 years of living in London, where she was head of Art at a prestigious London Prep school, and traveling around Europe she and her husband decided to settle permanently in Sydney, where they have reared their young family for the past 3 and a half... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Jane McKay
    • LOCATION:WA, Australia
    • STYLES: Abstract, Expressionist, Other , Abstract Impressionist
    • BIO:Jane McKay's paintings are abstractions of the landscape, responses to the vast open spaces of the natural environment which convey the great expanse of the landscape. The expressive marks of McKay's paintings are decorated with tiny, indispensable details of the natural world.

      The paintings exhibit our emotional response and connection to th... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Jasmine Ormsby
    • LOCATION:QLD, Australia
    • STYLES: Abstract, Abstract Impressionist, Art-Deco, Cubist
    • BIO:For me painting is like a story which stimulates the imagination and draws the mind into a place filled with expectation, excitement, wonder and pleasure.
      Be it the Party! Or a flock of birds in flight! On a Mission’ Or my lovely girls that are just content to hear the music. It’s always a wonder that bursts into life on ones canvas.
      My pain... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Jay Carnegie Muir
    • LOCATION:VIC, Australia
    • STYLES: Illustration, Surrealist, Other
    • BIO:Born in Melbourne in 1969. After 14 years in Cairns and the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.
      I'm now based in North East Victoria.

      Australia is my muse, and Koalastralia is my creative expression.
    • ARTIST:Jennifer Webb
    • LOCATION:Victoria, Australia
    • STYLES: Other
    • BIO:Jennifer Webb works full time out of her Port Melbourne studio has been consistently painting Melbourne, portraying various water views around Melbourne city since her nostalgic return from living outside of Australia . Seeing Melbourne through new eyes had renewed her long term endearment to the city as a source of inspiration in her paintings.... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Jim McCullaugh
    • LOCATION:Ca, United States
    • STYLES: Expressionist, Pop Art, Abstract Impressionist, Other
    • BIO:I live in Sherman Oaks, California, USA, I started with watercolor a few years ago and switched to acrylics. I then discovered the palette knife and am now doing mostly palette knife acrylics.
      I enjoy doing landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes, and off-beat or surreal themes. I also enjoy experimenting with black and white palette knife scenes,
      I... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Jo Brazil
    • LOCATION:Vic, Australia
    • STYLES: Abstract, Expressionist
    • BIO:JO Brazil is an Art Therapist and painter living in Melbourne Victoria. Her work is mostly abstract expressionism and is alive with colour and passion. Jo's experience in earlier life equipped her for an explosive journey on canvas which is receiving rave reviews from people all over the world. Jo has clients in Spain, Italy and Australia. Jo lo... MORE...
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