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ARTISTSA selection of unique contemporary artists, listing their work for sale

    • ARTIST:Diane Ferguson
    • LOCATION:NSW, Australia
    • STYLES: Abstract
    • BIO:
      Creative artist, writer of stories for children, sometime philosopher and ever 'the observer', my current style shown on 'Artfuly' has been developed as a result of my close interaction with my grandchildren and my more recent environment in which I am inspired by the colour and diversity of multicultural Sydney where I am currently based, and... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Drew Harrison
    • LOCATION:SA, Australia
    • STYLES: Pop Art, Surrealist, Formalist, Other
    • BIO:Drew Harrison’s illustrative training has provided a solid background as contemporary artist. Acrylic paint is Drew’s medium of choice and a material he has adeptly mastered for creating a wide range of works. Colour, shape, form and texture remain strong hallmarks of his painting, however these elements have recently been coupled with a unique ... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Eleanor Healy-Wills
    • LOCATION:VIC, Australia
    • STYLES: Abstract, Expressionist, Other
    • BIO:Eleanor Healy-Wills, artist and printmaker, has been working and exhibiting continuously since 1974, exploring mediums such as oil, acrylic, pastel and gold leaf, while progressively developing intaglio techniques in copper plate etching. Many conventional and unconventional techniques are used to work the surface in a bold and experimental way,... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Elizabeth Barsham
    • LOCATION:Tasmania, Australia
    • STYLES: Expressionist, Surrealist, Illustration, Other
    • BIO:Elizabeth Barsham was born on King Island, grew up in Hobart, studied art in Melbourne under a former student of Norman Lindsay and has had paintings hung in the Blake Prize, City of Hobart Art Award Exhibition and other major exhibitions. Her paintings have won many awards and have been acquired by Monash University and by private collectors wo... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Eunkyoung Moon-Back
    • LOCATION:qld, Australia
    • STYLES: Abstract, Other
    • BIO:Since her deep affection of art, Eunkyoung Moon-Back has pursued her interest extensively in sculpture, printmaking, and painting. She completed Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours after received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Sculpture and Printmaking from Queensland College of Art. She has also returned to her earlier love of painting. She... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Eva Johnova
    • LOCATION:New South Wales, Australia
    • STYLES: Abstract, Other
    • BIO:Eva Brady Johnova is a Slovakian born abstract artist residing in Sydney.
      Eva has always had an artistic side which she initially expressed through her work as a make-up artist in Europe but has branched out into the creative world of abstract art since arriving in Australia.
      Nature is Eva's greatest inspiration especially the colours and text... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Fiona Roxburgh
    • LOCATION:QLD, Australia
    • STYLES: Abstract, Expressionist, Abstract Impressionist, Surrealist
    • BIO:Artist living in North Lakes, Brisbane Queensland Australia, specialising in medium to large acrylic and or ink paintings of intense color and shapes with vibrant movement, often with a sense of deep space. She has been paintings for a number of years. She has displayed her works in a number of galleries and is gaining a wide recognition for her... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Florija-Mae Ebio
    • LOCATION:NSW, Australia
    • STYLES: Other
    • BIO:Florija-Mae is a self taught Sydney based artist, practicing with pencils and charcoal to create traditional, yet edgy, realistic portraits.

      Originally from Geelong, Victoria, but living most of her life in Sydney, Florija captures the beauty of inspired individuals and ideas that have helped understand herself as a growing artist and her vi... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Fraser Lawson
    • LOCATION:London, United Kingdom
    • STYLES: Pop Art, Abstract, Digital
    • BIO:I create Fine Art Photography

      I’ve always taken photographs, once I look down the lens I can focus.
      In these restless, screen obsessed times I gain solace and wonder in the natural world.

      “Distracturals” come from the series “A window elsewhere”,
      if they bring moments of intrigue and tranquility, then a lifelong ambition is being rea... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Garry Purchase
    • LOCATION:New South Wales, Australia
    • STYLES: Aboriginal, Other
    • BIO:Garry is a proud Aboriginal man of Dharawal, Bidjigal and Dhungutti decent. He grew up in Sydney's Eastern suburbs in Botany and was raised amongst the Aboriginal community of La Perouse.

      Garry is a member of the Timbery family of which there are many famous members. He is the Great Great Great Great Grandson of Timbery (Or Timberé), leader o... MORE...
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