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ARTISTSA selection of unique contemporary artists, listing their work for sale

    • ARTIST:Cathryn McEwen
    • LOCATION:NSW, Australia
    • STYLES: Other
    • BIO:Cathryn McEwen has always been interested in extending her photographic imagery into a painted or drawn image. Over the past 3 decades she has been exploring body language and movement in order to invite the viewer to relate to figures, animals and other subjects in a unique way. Close-ups combined with distorted perspective and tight cropping, ... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Cathy Gray
    • LOCATION:SA, Australia
    • STYLES: Abstract, Illustration
    • BIO:Adelaide based artist, Cathy Gray, has been drawing since school, but it was much later that it become her passion. She explains, " When you have children and you work, your life becomes really busy and rushed. One day I got out my pens and remembered what peace and sanctity drawing gave me. I have always felt the most relaxed when I have a p... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Chris Bull
    • LOCATION:Avon, United Kingdom
    • STYLES: Illustration, Formalist, Expressionist, Abstract Impressionist
    • BIO:I am a professional artist based in Bristol. I work in three main mediums, watercolour, acrylic and pastels. I like to keep pushing the boundaries of what I can achieve and I believe that I have now reached a stage in my life where I have every tool at my disposal and have the confidence to keep pushing myself to the next level. I am particularl... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Chris Kelly
    • LOCATION:VIC, Australia
    • STYLES: Illustration, Surrealist, Cartoon, Digital
    • BIO:Chris Kelly is a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Caricaturist who has never been without a pen in his hand for the past 40 years. Often found drawing musicians at the 'Labour in Vain' Pub in Fitzroy, Melbourne he often caricatures for parties and events. S

      See a video of Chris talking about the creative process and 'Being in the Zone' her... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Cloe de la Vega
    • LOCATION:NSW, Australia
    • STYLES: Illustration, Surrealist, Cartoon
    • BIO:. MORE...
    • ARTIST:Cornelis Timmer
    • LOCATION:NSW, Australia
    • STYLES: Abstract, Bau-Haus, Cubist, Other
    • BIO:I was born and raised in The Netherlands only to leave in the late 1980’s.
      After extensive travel I settled in Sydney to pursue a career in the arts.
      For over more than 25 years now I have been played an active role in the Sydney art world..
      After 8 years of full time and part time study at a number of art colleges in Australia as well as ove... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Cristina Ioana Gheorghe
    • STYLES: Abstract, Abstract Impressionist
    • BIO:I graduated from the Popular Art in Bucharest, in 2002. In the past I made stained glass and I paint on silk, wood, ceramic and porcelain.

      My style is abstract and impressionism and my favourite painter is Claude Monet.
      I hope that people understand my paintings, because I put all my soul and love in my creations.

      Please, join my new sho... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Dale Sanderson
    • LOCATION:Ontario, Canada
    • STYLES: Abstract, Abstract Impressionist, Other , Cubist
    • BIO: My artwork is an attempt to express admiration for the natural, cellular, evolutionary, vibrational, spiritual, organic and emotional growth and expansion of life as I know it. It is my hope that this body of work will stimulate visceral reactions for the many, as it has for the few.

    • ARTIST:Diane Ferguson
    • LOCATION:NSW, Australia
    • STYLES: Abstract
    • BIO:
      Creative artist, writer of stories for children, sometime philosopher and ever 'the observer', my current style shown on 'Artfuly' has been developed as a result of my close interaction with my grandchildren and my more recent environment in which I am inspired by the colour and diversity of multicultural Sydney where I am currently based, and... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Drew Harrison
    • LOCATION:SA, Australia
    • STYLES: Pop Art, Surrealist, Formalist, Other
    • BIO:Drew Harrison’s illustrative training has provided a solid background as contemporary artist. Acrylic paint is Drew’s medium of choice and a material he has adeptly mastered for creating a wide range of works. Colour, shape, form and texture remain strong hallmarks of his painting, however these elements have recently been coupled with a unique ... MORE...
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