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ARTISTSA selection of unique contemporary artists, listing their work for sale

    • ARTIST:Richard Shaffett
    • LOCATION:Florida, United States
    • STYLES: Formalist, Other
    • BIO:When I was a young boy, my family moved from our hometown of Baton Rouge, LA to Aruba. Being exposed to the island’s unique beauty and culture at such an early age had a profound effect on me, which I began to express through drawing and working with modeling clay. It was then that art chose me.
      Years later, back in Baton Rouge, throughout sc... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Robert Goretzki
    • LOCATION:NSW, Australia
    • STYLES: Surrealist, Illustration, Pointilist, Abstract Impressionist
    • BIO:I started Drawing characters by a creek when i was nine
      when i was ten i was back again
      By the time i was 12 i was throwing stones and didn't care
      At 18 i joined the army and was no longer here
      Back at 21 no job and no home
      just pencil and paper and imagination for company
      5 years later I found a stump and started to carve
      10 years late... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Robert Reynolds
    • LOCATION:QLD, Australia
    • STYLES: Abstract, Digital
    • BIO: I paint for me, but the universal emotions translated to viewers are the connections that excite me. I don’t have a map when I begin the journey. I just step up to the computer and let intuition tell me where & how the image should evolve.
      My digital abstract works have been described as images drenched in color and brimming with movem... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Robyn Lynnly
    • LOCATION:NSW, Australia
    • STYLES: Abstract Impressionist, Abstract
    • BIO:Robyn grew up in Sydney majoring in art at high school and then going on to study at the National Art School. Working firstly as a Graphic Designer, she later taught colour and design as her two children were completing their education. Next came a voyage of self discovery and several years working in the personal development industry. Returni... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Rodrigue Vanhoutte
    • LOCATION:Granada, Spain
    • STYLES: Expressionist
    • BIO:Bibliographic marks:

      - birth in Mars 1973 in Belgium.
      - born deaf, he begins to draw from the age of two years, and discover the noise late in life.
      - during the childhood and the adolescence, studies the music to the academy, is passionate about the philosophy (Nietzsche, Shopenhauer and Beethoven are three figures which mark most the teen... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Rosemarie Reber
    • LOCATION:VIC, Australia
    • STYLES: Abstract, Expressionist
    • BIO:Systematically exploring the rhythms of daily life. The methodical pace, the unusual stillness, the urgency and rush of city and urban environments and lifestyles.

      Recent paintings, drawings and sculptures meander between abstraction and the figurative. Many of the images are drawn from memory and reflect observations of movements, turns, s... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Sabina Klein
    • LOCATION:VIC, Australia
    • STYLES: Abstract, Abstract Impressionist, Expressionist
    • BIO:Sabi Klein is a Melbourne based artist who is passionate about creating original contemporary abstract art.

      Sabi has worked in the advertising, marketing, radio and media industries. She has undertaken study in Photography and Interior Design and has been able to combine all of these experiences to help create and influence her paintings.

      ... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Sam Clarke
    • LOCATION:NSW, Australia
    • STYLES: Graffiti, Other
    • BIO:Sam Clarke's (also know as Jerome Copeius and Neonate) pieces reflect the madness and uncertainties that spawned in the years of the mid-nineties, focusing particularly on the lifestyles of skateboarding, hip hop and its culture. Due to early and intensive exposure to these worlds, Neonates work has reflectively sat in conversation with this pe... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Sarah Wherry
    • LOCATION:WA, Australia
    • STYLES: Illustration, Surrealist, Abstract, Other
    • BIO:Sarah Wherry is a Western Australian based artist. Sarah is at the beginning of her artistic career, only committing to being a full time artist after completing her Diploma of Visual Arts in 2012. She also holds a Certificate in Commercial Art and has exhibited in several exhibitions to date.

      Her work uses mixed media and combines vintage p... MORE...
    • ARTIST:Scott Hynd
    • LOCATION:QLD, Australia
    • STYLES: Pop Art, Graffiti, Illustration
    • BIO:Bold and bright, Hynd's unique works fuse elements of both Pop and Street/Graffiti Art styles. Each piece uses the mixed mediums of spray paint and enamel on canvas, with each design unique and one of a kind. Hynd incorporates the use of custom stenciling, pre-loved vintage comics and lovingly hand drawn images of the hero's and heroines from 19... MORE...
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