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Gnatcatcher By: Eva Johnova

103CM X 103CM X 4CM Other on Canvas
€923,00 EUR
Abstract Art - Eva Johnova - Gnatcatcher
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  • STYLE:Abstract
  • FRAME:Framed
    Heavyweight Pine 10oz
  • TEXTURE:Textured

A unique "GNATCATCHER " -  beautifully framed in natural wood frame
103.6 x 103.6 x 4 cm 

A 'GNATCATCHER' is a delightfully original 3D abstract art piece inspired by the colours and textures of the blue grey gnatcatcher bird and style of juju hat .

Juju hats originally comes from Africa and been wear in tribal ceremonies as decoration headpiece and represent wealth and prosperity.  
Feather itself as symbol is associated with spiritual evolution to a higher plane . Grey feathers symbolize neutrality and compromise. Blue feather has calming,peaceful energy that encourages you to have faith in yourself . Black feather is a sign of protection.  
This piece comprises of hundreds of individually crafted, hand cut and hand painted paper feathers that are individually painted with a beautiful high quality acrylic paint. These feathers are then carefully layered on a high quality white canvas to create the unique 3D design.  
This artwork isn’t behind any glasswork or Perspex but it’s designed as 3D paper collage on top of the canvas where you can feel and see the textures and dimensions .  
From distance the artwork looks like painting or print but closer you get to it , you will start see the 3d dimension and its texture.  
The feathers are made of a high quality thick multimedia paper and painted in a high quality acrylic paint .  
The canvas itself has been painted with white gesso as a first step and then further topped up with a number of layers of pure white acrylic paint to ensure the bright white background.  
The finished artwork is then sprayed a number of times with a matt artist spray finish protection coat ( MICADOR, which is an invisible plastic coating that provides a soft and permanent barrier to dirt, moisture, salt and stain ) 

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