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Laughing Indian Men By: Amy Hersch

36CM X 36CM X 4CM Mixed on Canvas
€269,00 EUR
Digital Art - Amy Hersch - Laughing Indian Men
  • LIMITED EDITION:Only 1 available

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  • SHIPS FROM:Australia

  • STYLE:Digital
  • EDGE STYLE:Plain
  • FRAME:Unframed
    Lightweight 8oz
  • TEXTURE:Textured

Amy Hersch is a Sydney based artist whose passion for art is inspired by her many travels, and experience with diverse cultures.
Born in South Africa, Amy spent most of her childhood in Israel before immigrating to Australia. She has called Sydney home for the past 16 years. Amy’s eyes were widened to the world at a youngage, sparking her passion and curiosity for different people
and culturesacross the world. Rather than simply capturing the depth and meaning of the places Amy visits, she strives to explore the beauty and love that a voyeur experiences, as though looking through the lens of a camera. “My Artworks are snapshots of moments I had during my journeys. The strong contrast and monochromatic scheme in my works accentuates the somber narrative within the piece.”