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The Artfuly Story

We’ve always had a great appreciation for art,
and we continually meet many great artists across the globe.

Image: The 'Viscosity' show organised by Artfuly, held in Glebe, Sydney, Australia. Photographer: Dimiter Nedialkov 

After years of art openings, exhibitions, studio tours and personal connections, we launched Artfuly in the summer of 2013 with the purpose of making our clients homes, offices & spaces as beautiful as they can be, whilst publicising amazing artist stories so that the world can discover & connect ...

Seven years later and with a growing list of over 250 select artists from 17 countries, Artfuly has become a destination for a wide range of private and institutional collectors - some seeking to brighten their spaces, while others looking to invest in our emerging artists.

Going forward, we will continue to discover the best & most exciting global artists and bring them to you in our magazine, website & social media, while providing our loyal customers with our trusted premiere art concierge delivery & white glove services.
- Rachael Page, Founder

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Video: One of our emerging artist pop up shows featuring artist Sarah Sharpe

Note that we no longer organise pop up shows, but we can supply QR code labels for artists self-organised shows which allows buyers to purchase on the spot, using their mobile phone, after which we arrange delivery. Purchasing by mobile phone immediately reserves the artwork so that only one buyer can purchase, the funds are immediately received by Artfuly and the artist also receives an email the moment the sale goes through! (Artists are paid after delivery)


# Video credit Dimiter Nedialkov Captain NedD Videos